Dinosaur Hunters – Book Review

Dinosaur Hunters – Book Review
Somebody found a bone. A huge bone! A bone that was so big that it couldn’t have come from the largest animal such as an elephant or even a hippo. One scientist had a theory – before there were people, huge reptiles roamed the earth.

Dinosaur Hunters by Kate McMullan, Illustrated by John R. Jones

STEP into Reading - Step 4 book for Grades 2-4

Jim Jensen is a famous dinosaur hunter. He once discovered a dinosaur with a third eye in the middle of its forehead. He also discovered the largest dinosaur ever found. But dinosaurs haven’t lived on the earth for sixty-five million years. How can he hunt dinosaurs if there aren’t any around?

In 1822, Mary Ann Mantell, a fossil collector was walking down the road and found a large round stone – but it was a tooth. She showed it to her husband and he went back where she had found it and he dug around and found more teeth and some bones. It was the fossil tooth and bones from a sixty-foot iguana! In 1850 while prospectors were digging for gold in California and Colorado new fossils were uncovered all the time. The western United States became a dinosaur hunter’s dream.

Really big bones used to be really big problems for dinosaur hunters. But now, really big bones are lifted out of the ground with powerful winches instead of just trying to use ropes and pulleys. Now they can hunt bigger dinosaurs than ever before. The oldest dinosaur bones have been found in rock 205 million years old. These skeletons are small, but in rock from 190 to 135 million years old, the skeletons of giant dinosaurs are found.

There is so much really good information in this book- Read this book!


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Note: this book was from my personal library.

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