Help Identify Beloved Doe

Help Identify Beloved Doe
His right ear is larger than his left ear. A characteristic that is not noticeable when one first glances at this young boy. The first characteristic one sees is his long auburn eyelashes. He is a small boy, with beautiful large brown eyes, extremely short cropped sparse brown hair, yet again one is drawn to his extensive auburn eyelashes. Those eyelashes, any girl would love to have for her own. The little boy who is perhaps three, four, five or even six years old, only stands two feet five or six inches tall, and is estimated to weigh somewhere between 18 to 28 pounds. That was on March 13, 2003, the day he was discovered in a dumpster at the Willow Creek Apartment Complex in Houston Texas.

He was dressed in only a diaper. His body covered by an afghan, a gray colored afghan, before it is placed inside a plastic sack with a red and white checked pattern. The diaper is noted to have bears across the front. He has a surgical scar on the right side of his neck. There are two other scars, both marks run vertically on his abdomen. This might be an important clue, these scars. The scars are evidence this unidentified and nameless boy received medical treatment, possibly multiple surgical procedures somewhere before he died. This would mean that in a hospital or doctor’s office there is a record of his life, of his existence. A record of the family that fails to lay claim to a beautiful little boy, now dead, tossed aside like a bag of refuse.

Are there any nurses, med techs, nurse’s aides and doctors who are reading this article? If you are and have read this far, then please look closely at the boy’s appearance. I need you to think hard and think long, is it possible he was your patient before he died of malnutrition and starvation. That is the coroner’s cause of death, acute malnutrition. This little boy starved to death. The medical examiner says there are no other signs of abuse, only starvation. Starvation, the Encarta dictionary defines this as the state of not having enough food, or of losing strength or dying through lack of food. No other abuse, I believe starvation is more than enough in this little one’s case. There is one last identifying mark on the little boy’s body, a mole, located on his right forearm.

It is now going on five years this March since the little boy whom investigators have named “Beloved Doe” was found stuffed inside a plastic bag and thrown away inside an apartment dumpster. One little boy, still remains nameless, unidentified, thrown away as if he never existed. Yet, this boy has a name; he has a family, and even a place to call home. People know who he is and know his life story. Someone knows his name. Somewhere is someone who lives with the daily memory of this little boy’s very brief life. Someone somewhere knew of his slow painful death.

Can you help identify this little lad? Everyone deserves to be laid to rest with his or her name, especially a child. Click on the link below and look at his image closely, does anything look familiar? Was he in your child’s classroom or daycare? Did he live in your neighborhood? Perhaps you worked with his mother and saw a picture of him on her desk or locker? If you know anything that may help identify this deceased unidentified child, no matter how insignificant you feel your information maybe, please call the FBI at (713)693-5000 or you can call free at (888) 324-4336. The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to Beloved Doe, his caretakers or his parents.

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