Author Interview--April Alisa Marquette

Author Interview--April Alisa Marquette
After reading Seedling: The Youngest Years, I began to wonder about April Alisa Marquette. What was it that made her want to write her mother’s story? My relationship with my own mother is non-existent. Growing up, there were no words of wisdom or supportive stories; only accusations for what she could have done with her life if it weren’t for me (I had not even been born for some of the things she referenced) and other hurtful words. This continued into my adulthood and became a very toxic relationship. Despite the application of prayer, attempting to bring things to light, and repeated attempts to stay in touch, the connection was finally ended several years ago by my mother. My childhood memories are of emotional and sexual abuse. While my situation was different, I have known several people who no longer associate with their mothers, and seeing all of the books that are published that deal with the dynamics behind the mother and daughter rapport, I was curious about the bond between April and her mother. April is a lovely woman and was gracious enough to give the following interview.

Lyn: Why did you decide to do this project?

April: I decided to do this project because ever since I was a girl, my mother told me stories about her life. A year ago it crystallized for me. My mother, an older woman, has had many experiences that could quite possibly help others.

Lyn: You seem to be very close to your mother. So many mothers and daughters do not get along. Growing up, there are often fights and you don’t see eye-to-eye. Did you experience that too?

April: Boy is that true! My mother and I never saw eye to eye while I was maturing. However, after real life things started happening to me, I began to see what my mother had been saying all along.

Lyn: Did doing this project change how you see her?

April: Doing this project enabled me to see her from a non family perspective. It gave me a new respect for her; for all that she has been through, all that she is.

Lyn: Has this project affected you in any way?

April: This project enabled me to tap into a type of patience that I had been unaware that I had. I realized that in order for me to extract the best, and the most from my mother's memories, I had to slow down, to really listen. I even had to sometimes ask painful questions.

Lyn: Why was it important for your mother’s story to be told?

April: It is important that my mother's story be told because she exudes a quiet grace and wisdom. Although in the past, she has used both to help countless people, there would yet be others whom she would be unable to help if her experiences were not made public. Therefore, with her consent, I have chosen to share her with the world.

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