Books of the Bible Quiz

Books of the Bible Quiz
The Bible is a collection of a variety of books authored by inspired writers who lived at different time frames and a treasure chest of events, lifestyles, cultures and the only reliable account of God and His work on earth. The Bible is the most sought after book which has been translated in even the most difficult languages and the only book that never goes out of print. By all standards the Bible continues to remain the bestseller of all times.

It is true that the Bible was written by mere mortals who were just as sin prone as we are in the present generation. However the authors of Bible books created their unique accounts only through the leading and inspiration of the Holy Spirit who is God Himself. This is why the Bible is often called the Word of God.

A whole lot of writing styles adorn the pages of the Bible. This is not only because the authors belonged to different cultural backgrounds and periods of History. God ministers His truth through Historical accounts, poetry, genealogy, Gospel accounts, letters and prophetical revelations. This is because each of these records shape up reader’s understanding and acquaintance with God in their own special ways.

The Bible is the most popular book on earth. It is also a very tough book to understand. In spite of the many easy to comprehend versions of the Bible that have now come up, the Bible continues to challenge readers with seeming contradictions, tough passages and hard language. These difficulties in grasping Bible truths need not woo us away from studying and taking in God’s word. Digging into ancient History, using Bible commentaries and other study aids help overcome barriers to understanding the Bible. Beyond this God continues to open the eyes of readers who earnestly seek to know Him through the Bible.

There is no doubt that the Bible is the best treasure that a believer possesses and the Bible is the lifeline of a believer’s walk with God. Learning, studying and memorizing scripture makes a person’s faith in God come alive. If you have never read the Bible before I encourage you to start with an earnest heart. If you have only read the Bible on Sundays or on special occasions, I encourage you to make daily Bible reading a habit. All Christians and sometimes others have a copy of the Bible in some neglected corner of the house. However those who use their Bibles constantly not only commune with God and hear from Him but also find that the Bible becomes the cornerstone of their lives.

Even as you contemplate on making Bible reading an essential part of your day, here’s a fun quiz to get you started on using your Bibles.

Books of the Bible Quiz

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