Reasons Why Betta Fish Die

Reasons Why Betta Fish Die
Many readers have explained their surprise at how attached they have become to their new little Betta fish. This comment has been repeated so many times that it is apparent that there is something really special about this beautiful little fish. They become part of our families and we find that we love them. We do what we’ve been told is the way to take care of them and if they get sick, Betta fish owners are devastated if they are not able to help their little friend. So, there is a large group of great people who wonder why Betta fish die so they can prevent this from happening prematurely. We all want our Betta fish to have as long and healthy and happy a life as possible. So, here is some help.

One of the main reasons Betta fish die is due to toxic water. (If the water is not kept clean, there are many diseases that can set in and weaken your Betta.)

Change your water often enough. (This is the way you can usually avoid many common problems with fish diseases in your Betta.)

Water temperature is important. (Of course, there are other factors to attend to - and they are mostly water-related.)

Water chemistry is something to be aware of. (Get an aquarium water test kit from the pet store and become acquainted with its proper use.)

Not only water temperature, but also important is avoiding drafts on your fish‘s water. (This is where fish tank placement can come into play.)

Water conditioner is a must. (There are various good ones to choose from.)

Lighting can effect the temperature of your fish‘s water. (Choose the lighting for your tank carefully.)

Filtration is also paramount (A filtration system will give you a hand in keeping the water clean.)

Feed your Betta fish appropriate amounts of Betta specific foods. (Overfeeding pollutes the water and underfeeding can cause health issues as well.)

We have to thoughtfully consider the container in which we will put the water. (For a Betta fish, clean water is necessary and also access to clean air that is above the water‘s surface.)

Oxygenating the water is helpful. (Give your fish an air stone at least.)

Grab a good book on Bettas and read up! (You will get the big picture regarding Betta fish and be better able to enter into the discussion of this fascinating and beautiful fish.)

I hope you will all enjoy your Betta fishes and a long and happy life to everyone and their little wet pets!

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