Georgia's Strange Laws

Georgia's Strange Laws
All right, it is time to visit the dumb, antiquated laws that are still on the books in the United States and around the world, This month we will visit the Peach State. Georgia.

Some of the antiquated laws still on the books in Georgia consist of the following:

If you are in a funeral home or a coroner's office and are visiting a relative or a friend who has passed, keep your cool because if you get mad and use profanity in front of the dead body, you can be arrested.

If you like to spice things up in the bedroom, do not use adult toys because they are illegal in Georgia.

If you live in Georgia and you own a donkey, you can be arrested for keeping the donkey in your bathtub. I don't even want to know why or how this became a law in Georgia.

Is this next law really a problem? It is the second state that I have written about that has a law where it is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket in your back pocket on a Sunday.
People, please hold onto your ice cream cones on Sundays.

In Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, adult bookstores may not sell alcohol. I wonder if the adult bookstores can sell adult toys since they are illegal in Georgia. Someone had better investigate this.

Businesses who offer massages in Athens-Clarke County may also not sell or serve alcohol. Geez, what is next? Can't sell two beers for the price of one?

In this county, it is illegal to sell two beers for the price of one.

Yep, I guess so. Who'd a thunk it?

Now, if your adult bookstore business or your massage business has to close because you are losing money from not being able to sell alcohol, or any business in Athens-Clarke County, is forced to close, the lawmakers decided to put some salt in that wound by forcing business owners to obtain a license to have a going out of business sale.

If you own a mule in this strict county, that animal is not allowed to roam free around the county without supervision.

Okay, one more from this county and we move on. If you like to sit in a public park, a public library or any public place, and read a book to your friends, do it before 2:45 am. At 2:46 am, you can be arrested for this.

In Columbus, Georgia, no one may get a tattoo on Sunday. Really? No tattoos on Sundays? No ice cream cones in your back pocket on Sundays? Man, this is a tough state.

Okay, I have had enough of this state. I will give you two more laws that are on the books in the Peach State and they are doozies and are both in Columbus, Georgia.

First, it is okay to burn a cross on someone else's property, as long as you have their permission. I wonder how that conversation goes in order to get permission for something like that?

And the final law I will write about and yes, it is written on the books this way:

Are you ready for it?
In Columbus, Georgia it is illegal to tease an idiot.

Thank you everyone. You have been great. Don't forget to tip your servers before you leave.

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