The Art and Science of Wearing Perfume

The Art and Science of Wearing Perfume
The French are credited with bringing most of the fads in style, fashion and fragrance to the world. When it comes to “fads” they are not the best trends to follow especially in perfume. In France real women, those who understand the science of smell, spend hours selecting their perfumes. The thought of wearing a perfume just because their friends wear it, or because they saw it advertised on television or because their favorite movie actress wore, it is out of the question.

What’s the purpose of a Perfume?

A perfume must actually do something for you. Just as a custom designed gown is made for your unique body type or a hat can be custom made to bring forth your hidden beauty, a perfume is able to create a mood for you. A perfume will allow you to be admired, to be loved and to be remembered.

In order for you to accomplish your purpose with your perfume, it requires heat. If your purpose is to seduce then you’ll need to know where to place it for results. Pulse points in your wrist are a great place to begin. When you speak you use had gestures and when you wave your hands, the blood rushes to your fingertips. As you wave your hands expressing your thoughts, the person you’re speaking to is overwhelmed with a burst of your beautiful fragrance. Without realizing it, the benefactor of your aroma doesn’t really understand how much time and energy you’ve put into selecting your blend.

Not only are pulse points on your wrists a great place to begin but the pulse points on your knees are for strategic positioning. As you walk, dance or just leave the room, the swishing of your skirt and the warmth from your knees is constantly reviving the scent as you move. You are in essence creating a delightfully scented aura that’s trailing behind you.

Looking to make a conquest? Place a few drops of perfume behind your ears and the man who holds you close and wants to whisper sweet nothing in your ear, will be captured by your aroma before he knows what hit him. Want to really sock it to him? Add a few drops of perfume to the cleft of your breast and watch what happens as the heat of your body and the beating of your heart send fragrance shots into his nasal passage. He’s gone!

When you find a perfume that is absolutely right for you, works with your body chemistry and it is applied in all the right places, it will work wonders. Don’t be afraid to experiment with perfumes, not only will they seduce, but when made from essential oils, they will uplift and relax your moods.

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