Weird Crime News

Weird Crime News
I have written about dumb criminals, dumb laws that are still on the books in some states and countries and I have written about dumb celebrities and the crimes they have committed so this time I thought I would write an article on weird crimes.

We will start in Minnesota where a woman was pulled over and ticketed fro distracted driving. What was she doing? Drinking a cup of coffee. Apparently a lot of states consider eating and drinking while driving a distraction and I cannot really disagree with that but to be ticketed for it? The officer did let her off with a warning but ticketed her for not wearing a seat belt, but, he woman said she only took it off when she was pulled over. I also know that some states that have an open container law while driving is not just confined to bottles and cans of beer. Cans of soda, cartons of milk, cups of coffee, etc... all qualify as an open container. Chances are you will not be pulled over and ticketed for them, but, it is within the power of a policeman to do so.

In other weird crime news:

Again, out of Minnesota, a woman allegedly has had it with her noisy neighbor children an sent an anonymous letter to the parents saying, “You're children look delicious...may I have a taste?”
The woman didn't stop there though. She sent magazine subscriptions to the neighbors' home addressed to the “Tasty Children”. Police arrested the woman for making terroristic threats and stalking. In her defense, the woman said the two children were very noisy and kept putting items on her porch. What do you think? Did this woman go a bit too far?

In Nairobi, Kenya, a man was arrested for fraud charges after allegedly cheating in a 26 mile marathon. The man allegedly hid among a group of spectators less than a mile from he race. As the runners neared the finish, the man joined them and sprinted to the finish line to take second place. The judges soon disqualified him because he didn't look as exhausted and was not profusely sweating like the other runners. For taking second place, the man would have received a prize of about seven thousand dollars.

In the state of Washington, a driver was pulled over for using the HOV (carpool) lane without another human passenger in the vehicle. The passenger he did have in the car was a zombie baby doll. I will say that again. A zombie baby doll. Apparently a zombie baby doll does not qualify for the HOV lane. The man received a 136 dollar ticket for the infraction. On the lighter side, he was not ticketed for not having the doll in a car seat.


In New Mexico, two friends were drinking 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor and binge watching the Walking Dead television show. After “multiple” bottles of malt liquor, one man thought his friend was turning into a zombie and killed him with a knife and beating him with a guitar and a microwave oven.
He then went outside and chased a neighbor with knives as well. He was tackled by two maintenance men and 911 was called and the man was arrested and charged with murder. The lead detective on the case told the local news station that this was the most gruesome murder he has ever investigated in thirteen year career on the force.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for more weird crimes in future articles.

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