Jessica Jones - A Netflix Series

Jessica Jones - A Netflix Series
Jessica Jones is a new television series on Netflix. She is also a Marvel comics super hero with her own graphic novel series. However, her story in the series differs slightly from her graphic novel. Jessica Jones, in the televised series, is a private investigator who has super human strength and can jump great distances. In the graphic novel, she can fly. She also likes her bourbon. Jessica Jones lives and works in New York City's neighborhood known as Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen is also where Marvel Comics super hero, Daredevil, hails from. We don't see him yet making an appearance yet in the series, and I don't know if we ever will, but he is mentioned in the show, but not by name. Also, those that are familiar with the two Avengers movies, The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, would know what the term, “the Incident” means. It refers to the big battle that the Avengers had with Thor's cousin, Loki and his minions, in the middle of New York, costing lives and causing billions of dollars in damage. The Incident is mentioned in the series as well.

Jessica's story line in the televised series, is that she is trying to stop a man called “Kilgrave.” Kilgrave has the power of mind control and Jessica Jones used to be under control of Kilgrave. She receives help from her friend who is a radio talk show host and former child television star, Patricia Walker. Jessica also receives help from a cop who was a former black ops soldier, a former heroin addict, and on again, off again boyfriend, Luke Cage. Jessica goes after Kilgrave because he caused a young girl to be arrested for murder after he told her to kill her parents. Jessica needs Kilgrave alive to prove the innocence of the girl, but, everyone else decides that Kilgrave must die.

In the comic books, Jessica Jones is married to Luke Cage but that is not known in the series, as of yet. They begin a romantic relationship until Cage finds out that Jessica, while under the mind control of Kilgrave, killed his wife, Reva. He is angry with Jessica and Cage tries to kill her. I must also point out that Cage is super human as well. He is very strong and he is like Superman, in the way that his skin is impenetrable. Also in the graphic novels, Jessica Jones was a former superhero named Jewel, but in the televised series, Jessica was never a super hero and does not want to be one. Patricia Walker, tries to convince Jessica to become a costumed super hero and shows her a pale blue colored leotard suit with a purple jewel on the belt. Patricia tells her that she cam become a super hero named Jewel. Jessica tells Patricia that Jewel is the name of a stripper and not a super hero.

I enjoyed the first season of this show. It is dark, gritty, and often times, bloody. Krysten Ritter plays the title character, Jessica Jones. You may know her from her appearances on the Gilmore Girls and Breaking Bad. Rachael Taylor, formerly of Grey's Anatomy, plays the role of Patricia Walker and former Doctor Who, David Tennant is wonderful as Kilgrave, in the series. If you like dark shows and are a fan of Marvel Comics, I highly recommend you watch this. The first season is on Netflix and that is where I watched the show, as a Netflix subscriber.

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