Wisconsin Strange Laws

Wisconsin Strange Laws
If you live in Racine, Wisconsin and your house is on fire, you better hope that the firemen are awake because it is illegal to wake a fireman while he is asleep.

It’s time to learn about some of the dumb and strange laws on the books in these United States and around the world. This time we are visiting the Badger State, Wisconsin. Also known as America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin has some pretty strange laws still on the books. If there is something explaining a law I list, I will let you know what it is, but some of these laws, like other states and countries we have seen, has no explanation of the strange laws.

Staying in Racine momentarily, if you are in the city and are watching a parade, you may not shoot missiles at the participants of the parades.

The full text of the law explains that a person may not throw anything at the participants of the parade. It doesn’t mean missiles in the military sense, but any object, liquid or dry that can be thrown at someone is considered a missile.

A woman in Racine may not walk out in public, at night, unless accompanied by a male. There is no text to this law but I am assuming it is a safety issue.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it is illegal to purchase and use Sparklers but it is perfectly legal to buy a disassembled machine gun.

If you park your car in the city of Milwaukee for over two hours, you had better have a horse tied to it because it is unlawful to do otherwise.

If one is trying to attract attention to oneself in Milwaukee, one had better not do it by playing a flute and drums because that is illegal.

In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, if you shoot a bird in the city, you had better be a police officer because they are the only ones allowed to do this.

If you are at the fountain in Fountain Park, don’t think of swimming in it because that is illegal as well.

In St. Croix, women are not allowed to wear anything red in public.

In Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, it is unlawful for cats to enter cemeteries and it is unlawful to manufacture nuclear weapons in the city.

In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, it is illegal to swim in the fountains. Is this really a problem for Wisconsin? There is no text to this law so I am assuming one should stay out of the fountains period.

We will finish up in La Crosse, Wisconsin where it is not only illegal to play checkers in public but is also illegal to “worry a squirrel”.

Well, there you have it. The strange laws still on the books in Wisconsin.

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