Fragrant Natural Sunscreens for Skin

Fragrant Natural Sunscreens for Skin
The summer sun can give your skin a beautiful bronze glow. You also know that the harsh ultra-violet rays can wreak havoc on our skin. That's why it's so important to wear a protective sunscreen before going into the sun, and to nourish your skin everyday. A sunscreen doesn't have to be one that's found in a tube on the grocery store shelf. Natural sunscreens have been on the market for years but somehow most of you haven't heard about them.

If you're looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin naturally, this blend of vegetable and essential oils will become your true daily indulgence! Suitable for all skin types, you can apply this fragrant cream on your face, neck, and body to restore your skin's youthful appearance. You will love its fragrant aroma and its soothing, healing properties.

Here's What You Will Need:

  • 4.5 tsp. Unscented Cocoa Butter*

  • 3.75 tsp. Avocado Oil*

  • 3.75 tsp. Jojoba Oil*

  • 3/4 tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 3 drops Rose Otto Essential Oil

  • 3 drops Rosewood Essential Oil

Yield: approximately 2.5 oz.
*You can find these ingredients at any health food store.

How to Make Your Skin Rejuvenator:

  • Pour the cocoa butter and vegetable oils into a small sauce pan.

  • Place the small pan into a larger pan half-filled with water (or you can use a double boiler).

  • Bring the water to a boil and let the contents melt. Stir well.

  • Add the essential oils and stir well again.

  • Pour your mixture into a bottle for easy dispensing.

If you live in a cold climate, the ingredients may cause this recipe to harden. To soften, simply run the bottle under warm water.

Benefits of Ingredients

Let's take a closer look at some of the ingredients listed in this recipe:

Cocoa Butter - is a natural moisturizer that melts at room temperature which makes it ideal for your skin. Its health benefits come from its cocoa mass polyphenol. Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil or theobroma cacao, which is a pale-yellow, pure, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean.

Cocoa butter is a great antioxidant. Cocoa butter contains a number of different antioxidants which can kill-off a wide range of different free-radicals. Free radicals destroy your skin. Free radicals are responsible for wrinkles and dry skin, thereby causing your skin to appear older looking than it actually is. In fact, cocoa butter contains a much higher antioxidant concentration than even blueberries and other super foods.

Avocado Oil - Avocado oil contains a high amount of proteins and unsaturated fats, both of which are strong skin agents. Avocado oil applied topically helps relieve dry and itchy skin. Once applied, avocado oil is deeply absorbed by your skin, thus making it an ideal moisturizer and skin care solution.

Jojoba Oil - The good thing about jojoba oil is that its texture is similar to the natural oil produced by the human body, making it a great moisturizer for your skin. Generally light in texture, it is easily absorbed into your skin, resulting in supple and soft skin. Although it is a moisturizer, jojoba oil is non-greasy and doesn't create a thick layer of oil that sits on top of your skin.

Olive Oil - No longer thought of as "just for cooking", olive oil is a great antioxidant for your skin. Olive oil has been known to protect your skin from pre-mature aging and it helps restore your skins smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light.

Rose Otto Essential Oil - This oils is known to have strong benefits towards dry and maturing skin. There is no finer essential oil than Rose Otto oil for mature or dry skin in need of deep moisture. This essential oil soothes, softens and hydrates your skin while bringing a gentle toning action that helps to strengthen the collagen-elastin network.

Rosewood Essential Oil - has balancing qualities beneficial to use on dry, oily or combination skin. Because of this, it helps tone and slows the aging process by increasing the regeneration of skin tissues. Rosewood oil lessons the appearance of scars and fine lines.

One of many options ...

This is just one option of having a sunscreen without all the chemicals that typically come in these products. Try it and tell me how you like it. If you like what you've read in this article, share it with a friend. Don't forget to visit the Fragrance forum and leave us a comment.

That's it for this week, Remember ...

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