Strange Laws of New Jersey

Strange Laws of New Jersey
Welcome back to Strange Laws that are still on the books in the United States and around the world. This month we are visiting the Garden State. New Jersey. I think you will find that New Jersey has some head-scratching laws that are still on the books in the home state of HBO’S The Sopranos.

If you are in New Jersey and plan on committing a murder, do not plan to wear a bullet-proof vest because doing so, while committing said murder, is illegal.

If you are driving a motor vehicle and plan on passing another motor vehicle, you must honk your horn to warn that vehicle before you attempt to pass it. This is also the case if you attempt to pass a bicyclist, a roller blader or even a skateboarder. Also, if you successfully pass said motor vehicle and have to go to the gas station to get gas, don’t attempt to fill your own tank. You must wait for an attendant to come out and pump the gas for you. Now, if you do pump your own gas and a policeman gives you a summons for it, do not frown at the officer because that is also illegal to do so in New Jersey.

It is illegal for a man to knit anything during the fishing season in New Jersey.

The slurping of soup is a crime in New Jersey and so is a car dealership being open on Sundays.

Let’s look at some of the dumb laws in some of the cities in New Jersey. We will begin with the city of Manville. If your idea of a good time is going to the local zoo to drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes with the animals, don’t do it in Manville, New Jersey because that is illegal.

In Newark, it is illegal for anyone to sell ice cream after 6pm unless the customer has a note from his/her doctor saying it is okay for the customer to buy ice cream after that.

Trenton, New Jersey must have a thing with pickles because it is illegal for anyone to consume them on Sundays and if you have a bad pickle, it is illegal to toss it onto the street.

We will finish up our trip in New Jersey at Sea Isle City where it is illegal to boil bones on the property.

There you have it. Some of the dumb and strange laws in New Jersey. As always please feel free to look up the dumb laws in your own state and see if they make you scratch your head in disbelief.

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