Of Light and Love

Of Light and Love
At the core of every human being is a light. It resembles a star. It is the God inside of each of us. In some, that light is bleak and faint. In others, that light shines like a beacon. And still in others, that light is so bright it shines through every fiber of their being and oozes through their pores.

That light is strengthened by the recognition of love. Love that is recognized from outside the being feeds a flickering flame, but love recognized inside the being makes the light steady and assured. When a being truly knows unconditional love from the inside out and can have that love for any other being, the light is the being. Because the light is God, and God is love.

Regardless of your relationship with God, your belief or non-belief, that light still exists in you. You were not born from nothing. So, feel free to not call it God. Call it The Universe, the existence of divinity, something greater than all of us, call it light, or simply, love. Its goal is to gain power and strength for peace and balance of the earth. The best way to do this is to unite, to strengthen in numbers because a force is greater when it is whole and intact. It is less powerful when it is dispersed and scattered. That means we must come together, each of us, strong in our relationship with love.

First, we must nurture our personal relationships with love. Then, we must fulfill our purpose in life, which ultimately is to help others see the light in whatever capacity it is represented in us; and sometimes how it is represented in them.

Your light might shine brightest when you are writing, when you are caring for others, when you are in the midst of animals, or when you are surrounded by nature. Your light might glow bright when you are of service to others, when you are considerate of other people’s needs, or when you are developing solutions to other people’s problems. You simply need to note when you are at your best and have that most comfortable warmth inside of you.

The best way to be the light is to focus on being the light. Affirm, everyday, as often during the day as you can remember, that you are the light, “I am the light.” Give it your undivided attention; be present with that thought. Feel it as true. Remember, everyone has the potential to be the light, no matter what they have ever done before.

When you are of the light, you want the best for everyone and your actions indicate this. Everything that emits from your being will be of the light; rooted in love. So, you will only commit acts of love and your conscious has no concern for offense. When you are the light or are aware that you are of the light, you always give your best and accept that what you receive in return is the best that the other has to offer as well. This feels right with you.

To be of the light, you have to be committed to becoming the light. You have to find out what makes the light in you shine. What makes you love, feel loved, and feel love? It is that which you must focus on.

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” -Marianne Williamson

Recognize the light in you. Strengthen its power. Be inspired to become the light. Love.

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