Yoga in Bed - Book Review

Yoga in Bed - Book Review
Many people have an interest in yoga, but simply don't have the time. They are on the go from start to finish, barely having time to drink down coffee for breakfast or race through McDonalds for lunch. How are they going to get in a full hour of class for yoga?

Yoga in Bed Edward Vilga has the solution. The ring-bound book "Yoga in Bed" lies nicely flat, and provides a variety of simple poses you can do while settling down to sleep or when preparing to wake up. You don't have to find your mat or strap. All you need is you, your bed and perhaps a pillow.

These aren't complex backbends or ankle-behind-neck positions. They are about stretching, twisting, and gaining focus. When I do the nighttime ones, I really do find myself unwinding, slowing down, and preparing for sleep. It's a great way to release the stresses of the day and get ready for a much needed rest.

In the opposite way, the morning time ones help me to get out of bed. Sometimes it's tempting to just lay in bed for a while - but these provide a gentle transition to get my eyes open and the blood beginning to flow. It's a gentle way to start the day going smoothly.

I really like how the book lies flat with its ring binding - and the large photos of the poses really help to illustrate what to do. Again, not that any of the poses are complicated at all - but sometimes it's nice to see the pose laid out.

Now that being said, the book was written by a man - and all the poses are of a sexy woman in PJs in a variety of positions. It gets a little gratuitous at times, with 6 different pictures of her just laying in bed and smiling in different directions, without any real indication of why there are different pictures of her. It felt a little uncomfortable.

Plus, is this Lolita?? She has got teddy bears all over her bed. It just added to the uncomfortable factor.

Another issue is that this girl apparently has a huge bed with nobody else in it that she can stretch out on to do her exercises. Me, I have someone in bed with me - and there simply isn't enough room to do some of the activities. I would have hoped that they would design the actions to be performed on a "single bed" - i.e. either a person's normal bed or on their half of a more full bed. To expect every book reader to either be single with a huge bed, or on an off-schedule with their partner so they have the whole huge bed to themselves, doesn't really make sense to me.

That all being said, you can pick and choose through to find activities that do fit into your situation, and I do find them very relaxing and refreshing. So I think it was a cool idea. They just should have put more thought into the model / environment of the photos they were taking, and also into the size of the bed they were designing the exercises for.

Rating: 4/5

I purchased this book with my own funds.

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