Important Traits in a President

Important Traits in a President
Military experience is an important trait in a president. When a president has military experience the people would be less reluctant toward voting for them. I believe this is so because a person would be more likely to put their faith in a president they know would be likely to protect their country at any sacrifice instead of the president that was too scared to put themselves in the military on the front line. Dwight D. Eisenhower is an example of military presidency. Dwight D. Eisenhower served as general of the army one of the most important ranks. His democratic opponent however had not served army time and received very few amounts of votes. The president Dwight D. Eisenhower served a full eight years meaning he won the presidency twice in a row. Some of his choices reflected his experience such as creating interstates to evacuate the people and move in the military with ease. This was one of his most famous decisions. Dwight D. Eisenhower was also famous for ending the Korean War by threatening China with nuclear warfare showing how the military had trained him to show little mercy when it came to defeating his enemies. His military experience showed his leadership in his choices such as his ability to become the commander of all the European Allied Forces including armies, navies, and air forces instead of sending someone from the army to do it for him.

But not only did he lead them, he was also just as important for the diplomatic and political issues as deep as he was into the military. His name Eisenhower has become a name synonymous to leader. For twenty years, first as a soldier and then as a statesman, he bore the daily responsibility for difficult decisions that had far-reaching consequences for the nation as a republic. Dwight’s choices reflected his leadership skills from his army days. Dwight never second doubted himself when it came to a decision; Dwight automatically knew what to do to better defend our country.

Although his main specialty was military decisions Dwight also was a very persuasive man in his speeches he could always convince the people to his decisions showing he was not only an athlete but also a scholar this was one of his many skills that sparked in West Point, which was the reason the military made an appointment with him in the first place. When Eisenhower was a cadet he took an oath in which the promises were all of the traits he used during presidency. Dwight was always quick to learn - graduating in the upper third of his class by 1915. Just as importantly to the education he received was the friendship of such cadets as Omar Bradley, James A. Van Fleet, and Joseph T. McNarney, all members of the "class the stars fell on," they were all men in classes close to his. His strong personality and overwhelming good nature inspired trust within his peers and others. His peers described him as a good man who was always looking to settling disputes to where both sides were happy.

It was clear he had many skills in teamwork and leadership that characterized the army. As the United States was settling in for the First World War, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s career in the army was blooming. He was rapidly increasing with the encouragement of the war coming down on him -- already a regular army captain -- Eisenhower became a lieutenant colonel within the next year. Eisenhower’s presidency was dominated by the Cold War. In 1953 Eisenhower opened relationships with Spain under the fascist leader Francisco Franco. It was a very undemocratic thing to do but Eisenhower knew it was the right choice to get over the Cold War. During these times was when Eisenhower decided he would need to stop the Korean War in order to stop the Cold War. Eisenhower also increased trade relationships with other countries. Through all of his efforts Eisenhower didn't manage to put a stop to the Cold War within his time although he managed to set a good foundation.

To think all these developed skills sparked at West Point for military training. This is the reason i think people with military experience are more likely to get elected.

Czar Cortez is a band major at Jewett School of the Arts. After Jewett, Czar plans on going to Harrison then to Yale. For a career, Czar plans on becoming a neuromorphic engineer which is a scientist that finds abilities that animals have but humans lack. For example, using the shark’s ability to find living things anywhere by the electronic impulses created by movements or the brain and applying the technology to find people under rubble.

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