Systemic Candida Diet

Systemic Candida Diet
Candida albicans overgrowth is a serious disease that depletes energy and when taken to the extreme can be life threatening if one's auto immunse system is not functioning properly. Learning to control the candida is a challenge and requires diet modifications, sometimes drugs, or homeoapthy or other seriously alternative medicine.

If you have candida overgrowth you will know it because you will be having topical yeast infections, oral thrush, malaise, fatigue, irritability, and digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome and possibly crohn's disease. Sytemic candida can be easily identified with a Dark Field Live Blood analysis that is becoming more readily available to the public through Naturopathic Physicians. Until this test the main way of diagonsis is through a symptom check list.

If you have systemic candida Diflucan is very helpful to many people. It does not seem to make a permanent cure but it knocks the fungus back for a time. If you combine this treatment with a candida diet you may do well for quite a while. But beware, with the use of diflucan or other antifungal oral medicines you run the risk of developing a resistant fungal infection. In other words the drug stops working and a stronger drug is required. The selection of antifungal oral or IV medications for candida is limited.

Some people who have systemic candida have found the MMS1 and MMS2 has been helpful in knocking back their candida infections. This is a self applied approach as only a few medical doctors and naturopathic doctors know about MMS and use it. Please read my other articles on MMS.

Eating a select diet will assist some people with candida. You need first and formost to avoid sugar as fungus thrives on sugar. This would include many carbohydrates also as products like bread and all kinds of grains convert into sugar during the digestive process. Even whole grains, althought they convert to sugar slower than white flour, they still convert to sugar so moderation in these products will not afford the protection to you that it would, say, for a diabetic.

In general if you have a candida issue you need to avoid fermented foods and any foods that are high in sugar which includes most fruits, cheese, baked foods like bread and pastry, condiments with vinegar, all rice white and brown, malts and any foods that may have mold on them.

The oils to select will be olive oil and coconut oil. Coconut oil has a reputation for assisting to heal the gut so that is the predominant oil I would select. Candida overgrowth always damages the lining of the gut.

You can use stevia and xylitol for sweeteners.

You must learn how to avoid antibiotic and steroid usage and drugs in general as many of them will damage the gut. Antibiotics promote the growth of candida in the gut and can lead to mutant variations making it more difficult to cure an over growth.

Sytemic candida requires an multi-pronged approach to healing including diet, elimination and restoration Homeopathic treatment is helpful to some people. Select a classical homeopath with a good reputation. This would be my first choice above and beyond drug therapy. Utilize a the candida food recommendations also.

The following page will direct you to an article that has a do it at home homeopathic protocol. You will experience some detox symptoms with this program. Follow it strictly with the food recommendations made here.

Although I do not have personal experience with the following it is something that you may want to look into. Do searches on Lufeneron. Lufeneron is known to cure candida by interfering with the chitan making process in the candida cell. Because this protocol is like a drug intervention it can possibly also create a resistant strain of candida. Follow the lufeneron protocol exactly if you should decide to try it. Using lessor dosages and for lessor time periods will possibly set you up for developing a resistant strain. It is expensive and I would save this for a very last resort in treatment.

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