Slenderize and Detox With a Seaweed Bath

Slenderize and Detox With a Seaweed Bath
You work hard to keep fit. You eat right. You try to lead a clean lifestyle. Is there something more that you can do to improve your health and looks?

Yes, you need to detox as well to get rid of the accumulated wastes in your body. It is not only relaxing but very good for your organs as it will help them function optimally.

If you are looking to add detoxing to your list of healthy habits, a good start is taking a weekly seaweed bath. A holistic approach to well-being is the best way to go to have lasting and satisfactory results.

Seaweed is said to balance and purify the ocean and it can do the same for your body. If you have tried having a wet steam sauna, the concept is the same, in the sense that it helps release body toxins through the skin.

There are many benefits of seaweed for detoxing such as:

• The use of seaweed stimulates lymph drainage. The lymph nodes do not excrete waste on its own and instead need to be stimulated to send the wastes that it filtered from the body to organs that can eliminate them such as the kidney, liver and skin. Thus, the lymph system can get congested over time which in effect can affect the proper functioning of elimination organs.

• A seaweed bath can help your body absorb the trace elements present in seawater which promotes body healing and nourishment. As the fatty wastes are dissolved and eliminated from the body, the iodine content of seaweed can replenish the body’s supply helping the thyroid gland function optimally. Thyroid gland is responsible for proper use of food fuel, minimizing its conversion to fatty deposits.

• Seaweed contains Vitamin K which boosts the function of adrenal gland. As a result, it relaxes your mind and body and balances reproductive hormones.

• Because seaweed regulates the functions of several organs in the body thereby eliminating fatty wastes and excess fluids, it promotes weight loss too, probably one of the most popular benefits of seaweed for detoxing.

How to Do the Soothing Sea Bath

Taking time to prepare for seaweed bath will maximize its numerous benefits every time you do it once a week. You can gather seaweed from the ocean, if there is one nearby or buy the dried variety in health shops. Both types are good to use, so there is no excuse not to reap its benefits. Make sure though that you are not allergic to seaweed.

Pour or run hot water over the seaweed. It will turn into brownish color when the minerals are already starting to release. While the water is still hot, adding essentials oils to your seaweed bath can capture the scent and lets you enjoy the experience.

When the water has cooled down to a comfortable level, you can then soak in it for 45 minutes, rubbing your skin with the seaweed to boost circulation. When circulation is stimulated, it helps the skin remove impurities and wastes as well as aid in burning body fat, improve skin tone and minimize cellulite.

You can boost skin health by adding essentials oils to your seaweed bath. Choose your favorite oils from a health shop and add a few drops to your bath.

Olive oil, lavender oil, almond oil, vitamin oil and virgin coconut oil are great for replenishing skin’s moisture and very relaxing too. You can use different oils every month and see how it affects your skin and mood.

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