Creating Landing Pages

Creating Landing Pages
When creating a Landing Page for your newsletter or ezine there are some basic considerations to be taken into account. Considerations such as structure, visual appeal and the goal. While there are different types of landing pages, any page a link lands on is considered the "landing page" for that link. It is the page you are directed to when you click on a link. So what does it take to create a landing page?

In creating a landing page it is the structure that will draw the visitor's curiosity in to learn more about what you are offering; whether it's to purchase a product, provide a service or become a member of an email list. The structure will also direct and help the visitor accomplish the main goal of the landing page. This is where your goals and objectives comes in. When creating the structure for landing pages, already knowing what your target goal is or what you want the visitor to accomplish when they arrive is a good place to start.

The landing page structure is the welcome wagon inviting visitors in to read more or find more information. Visitors scan and evaluate the information you provide on the landing page. They ask themselves if this is the information they were looking for or expected? Do keep in mind, however, the navigation of how easy or hard it is for visitors to navigate their way through to completing the goal or goals you have set before them.

Be sure that what ever you use they correspond to the accompanying landing page. In other words there should be no doubt in the visitors mind that they have arrived at the correct destination for the link.

Visual Appeal
I'm sure we all know about the visual appeal of web copy. Having a good looking landing page is key to getting visitors to stand up and take notice of what you are offering. It is the copy and graphics that will attract the attention of visitors/readers to your page. Using copy and graphics sparingly and strategically throughout the landing page will help the visitor decide whether it's worth their time to subscribe or check out your offer.

Also, be sure that there is only one link included and that link should be directing them to the main goal of your landing page. No other links should reside with the main link of getting them to the landing page or for signing up.

When it comes to copy keep it short, simple, and to the point. Use small paragraphs to express your point and make good use of white space, instead of an over indulgence of graphics.

The design of a landing page usually refers to the color palette used. Be sure that it is consistent all the way through from beginning to end. In other words, make sure the concept of the color palette as well as the pallet itself is communicated properly The colors should be consistent and match the color of the links used as well. Be sure that the landing page and thank you page also reflects the same message concept and color scheme.

The Goal
The goal of a landing page is usually to gain visitors email addresses for the purpose of building email lists. Whether it's a service or product, the email address is what most landing pages are all about. The service or product being offered is only a by product of the true goal, which is to gain the visitor’s personal or contact information for the sake of marketing and promotion in the future.

When creating a landing page, consider tailoring it to the needs of the visitors. They are the livelihood of newsletters and ezines. Always make it a goal to give them what they want. Once the visitor arrives to the landing page you want them to focus on your call to action. You don't want them looking around for something else. You want them to come, read and sign. That's it. There should be nothing else included in the landing page that will cause them to browse around, taking focus off the call to action.

For the sake of newsletters and ezines we have the goal of acquiring email addresses from visitors and readers, alike. Since the success of newsletters and ezines are dependent on "the list", it just makes sense to continual build and add to that "list". And the way to accomplish this is to have enough information for the visitor/reader to completely understand what you are asking of them. Let your call to action be concise, succinct, and simple for the one reading or visiting your landing page.

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