Historic Dates For George Washington

Historic Dates For George Washington
Over the past couple of centuries, George Washington has remained a top figure in U.S. History. We take a look at some of the historical dates in the life of George Washington.

February 22, 1732 - George Washington was born.

November 6, 1752 - Washington enlisted in the Virginia army.

July 9, 1755 - General Braddock was ambushed during the French & Indian War. Washington, one of the aides to the General, received recognition for his bravery during the battle/war.

January 6, 1759 - George Washington married Martha D. Custis, a widow with two children.

August 5, 1774 - Washington was elected to be a Virginia delegate at the first Continental Congress.

September 5, 1774 - The first Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

June 15, 1775 - Congress appointed George Washington the commander of the Continental Army.

July 3, 1775 - George Washington took command of the Continental army in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

April 13, 1776 - Washington established headquarters in New York in an attempt to deflect the advancing forces of Major General Howe.

August 27, 1776 - Washington and his forces were defeated at the Battle of Long Island.

December 25-26, 1776 - Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River to attack unsuspecting Hessian troops in Trenton.

August 1, 1777 - The first meeting between George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette took place.

December 19, 1777 – June 20, 1778 - Washington and his forces wintered at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Times were desperate due to lack of clothing and food.

October 14, 1781 - The Siege of Yorktown began.

October 19, 1781 - General Cornwallis officially surrendered.

April 18, 1783 - Washington announced the “cessation of hostilities” to the Continental forces, putting an end to fighting in the Revolutionary War.

June 8, 1783 - Washington presented the Circular Letter. The contents of the manuscript urged the newly formed U.S. to establish a stronger government.

November 2, 1783 - Washington gave his farewell address to the men in the Continental Army.

December 23, 1783 - Washington resigned his commission as commander of the Continental army and returned to Mount Vernon, arriving on December 24th.

May 25, 1787 - Washington is selected as the President of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

February 4, 1789 - The electoral board cast its first ballots for President of the United States. Although the results wouldn’t be known until April 6, 1789, George Washington would become the only President elected with 100% of the electoral vote.

April 30, 1789 - George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States in a ceremony in New York City.

June 1, 1789 - Washington signed an act that regulated the administration and procedure of certain oaths of office.

September 24, 1789 - The Judiciary Act of 1789, which established the U.S. judicial system at the federal levels, took effect.

July 9, 1790 - The House of Representatives passed the Residential Act of 1790, which allowed the temporary U.S. Capitol to be located in Philadelphia for ten years while another site was established.

July 16, 1790 - George Washington signed a bill establishing the U.S. Capital.

February 20, 1792 - Washington signed the Postal Service Act which established the U.S. Postal System.

April 2, 1792 - The Coinage Act of 1792 passed which established the U.S. Mint and coin variations.

February 13, 1793 - Washington is re-elected for a second term as President.

April 22, 1793 - Washington issued the Neutrality Proclamation that advised the U.S. would be neutral in the conflict between Great Britain and France.

September 18, 1793 - George Washington places the first cornerstone in the foundation of the U.S. Capitol that was to be located in Washington D.C.

March 27, 1794 - The Naval Act of 1794 was signed, establishing the first U.S. Naval forces.

August 7, 1794 - Washington took action to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion.

March 3, 1795 - Washington signed the Treaty of San Lorenzo which allowed exploration of the Mississippi River.

August 18, 1795 - George Washington signed the hotly contested Jay’s Treaty which included topics pertaining to trade with Britain and other territories, war debts and the occupation of the North West territory.

September 19, 1796 - George Washington’s Farewell Address is published for the American public. He then leaves Philadelphia to return to Mount Vernon.

December 14, 1799 - George Washington passed away at Mount Vernon in Virginia.

July 4, 1848 - The first stone of the Washington Monument is placed in the tribute’s foundation.

December 6, 1884 - The last stone is placed on the Washington Monument. At just over 555 feet tall, the monument was considered the tallest manmade structure in the world until the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889.

February 21, 1885 - The Washington Monument was dedicated and officially opened to the public on October 9, 1888.

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