Anger Management

Anger Management

When do you know if anger is normal or too much? It's an important question, whether you are an adult or a kid. It's one thing to have a two-year-old throwing a tantrum. It's another to throw one and you're a fifty-year-old woman.

Some kinds of behaviors are called oppositional behaviors. It basically means what it sounds like. Toddlers often manifest oppositional behavior to test their ability to separate from their parents. Teens often re-experience this stage, only sometimes the symptoms are much larger and can be more frightening.

When teens show forth oppositional behavior, it can come in two general categories: outward or inward. Outward behaviors are often seen as angry or defiant. These moods can range in small levels to large levels, the worst being those which hurt or harm other people. If property is being destroyed or people are being hit, these kinds of behaviors need to be stopped. They are inappropriate and the individual needs help so that they can learn coping skills for stress and/or emotional pain.

Other teens (or even adults) have what many call "inward" emotions. These are the kinds of moments where instead of acting out towards someone else, the child instead withdraws from many social events. Maybe they're eating less or have changed their sleep schedule. Oftentimes, they're now quieter than they used to be. They might look depressed. This category also has its danger signs, such as self-mutilation. Again, if this is the case, or if you have any concerns, you need to seek help immediately. There are links in the column on the left under Anger Management that can help you get started reasearching possibilities.

It is important to channel all emotions in healthy ways. Just as water can be used to provide power and energy (via windmills, canals, etc.), water can also be destructive (via hurricanes, floods, etc.). It all depends on how its channeled. If you or a loved one you know struggles with anger management, do not despair. Many skills are waiting your loved one--you just simply need to seek the help and it can be found.

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"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle".
~~author unknown

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