Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Former Fragrance Editor Robin Rounds Whittemore wrote an interesting article about Coffee. It's been in the Fragrance archives. Coffee is the secret to a lot of perfume blends and can offer a unique aroma.

Here's what Robin had to say about Coffee:

Coffee is what many people want first thing in the morning, or before they hit their desk working. In the morning, how many people do you notice driving to work while drinking their coffee? Are you one of them? Whether they bring it from home, or get it to go from a fast food place or a coffee house, it is a passenger in almost every car in the morning.

Coffee comes in many tastes and fragrances. There is the heaviness of espresso and the lighter aroma of cappuccino. Hazelnut, Mocha, and French Vanilla flavors are very popular. The aroma of blueberry coffee is quite distinctive.

I had the opportunity to taste blueberry coffee at work one day. I always put 2 sugars and one moo moo (cream) in my coffee, so if you do not do this, the taste may not be the same. I enjoyed the first 3 or 4 gulps. Afterwards, it seemed too sweet. Perhaps I don’t need to use as much sugar. I do want you to know, I kept the cup of coffee on my desk all day just for the smell.

Essential oils also have coffee as a smell. It helps to stimulate the conscious mind, as it does when you drink coffee. In other words, if you will forgive the pun, it perks you up. Coffee essential oils are one of the few oils that do work well alone.

Use coffee essential oils to help refresh your spirit, clear your mind to focus on certain situations, and to help make decisions. To help in decision making, put about 3 drops of coffee essential oil on a cotton ball. In silence, visualize yourself standing at a crossroads with as many paths as there are decisions to make. Keep inhaling as you visualize each path. The path you need to take should become clear to you.

Coffee beans also help with aromas. For example, if you have ever been to a candle home party and have been sniffing candles; you have been most likely instructed to sniff coffee beans once in a while to re-open your sense of smell. The same works with perfume. Some department store fragrance counters have coffee beans for you to sniff if you ask for them.

In the kitchen, try adding a pinch or a dash of brewed coffee grounds to liquid soap that is already in your hand. Not only do your hands feel softer, it also helps takes certain cooking smells out of your hands. If you have been cooking with onions, fish, garlic, etc, try some of your new coffee soap and see if that doesn't alleviate the problem.

Hope you enjoyed Robin's article.

That's it for this week.

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