Stupid Bank Robbers

Stupid Bank Robbers
Advice to some potential bank robbers. If you plan on robbing a bank do not use the following ideas as a blueprint because you will be caught.

When you plan your bank robbery make sure you do not do what the gentleman in Anaheim, California did. He robbed a bank that was no longer in business and had no money in it. Also do not rob a bank that is familiar to you like the person, also in California, who robbed the bank and as he was making his getaway, he ran into his mother, a long time customer of the bank, and who in turn called the police on her son.

Another brainiac wrote his robbery note on the back of a deposit slip from his own account and one other Mensa member robbed a bank in Panorama City, California by handing an envelope to a teller and told her to fill it with only twenties. The quick thinking teller told the robber that she only had two twenties in her till, so he took them and left.

Wear a mask. It is the best way to hide your identity. Case in point, one gentlemen covered his face in a mercury ointment, believing that it would make his face invisible to cameras; when in fact it did the opposite. The mercury ointment enhanced his facial features, giving the cameras a more clear picture of the man's face.

Make sure you know your escape route unlike the two fellows in Florida who robbed a bank and took a wrong turn ending up on the Homestead Air Force base. They drove up to a military police guardhouse and tried to give the officers money, thinking it was a tollbooth.

If you have a weak constitution, then find another line of work. A man in Swansea, Massachusetts attempted to rob a bank and when the teller told him she had no money, he fainted and remained unconscious until the police arrived to revive him and arrest him.

Make sure you use your own car for the getaway. Do not do what the man in Pittsfield, Massachusetts did. He told the teller to give him her keys to her car and he made his getaway in it. Unfortunately for him, the teller knew the make and model of her car, the color and the license plate number. The police caught him a few minutes later making this the fastest solved bank robbery case in Pittsfield, Massachusetts history.

The best way to not get caught robbing banks is NOT TO ROB BANKS! That is the best advice anyone can give.

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