Crazy Canadian Laws

Crazy Canadian Laws
We are going to follow up last week's article about dumb criminals this week with dumb laws that are actually on the books and we are going to look at some crazy laws in Canada.

If you only have pennies on your person, do not try to buy a fifty cent item with them because that is illegal in Canada. So what if an item costs forty cents?

Canada law also prohibits people from watering their lawns when it is raining outside. I don't know about this one because I for one, thoroughly enjoy enjoy standing outside with a hose when the rain is coming down. How about you? I think you are allowed to wash your car when it is raining though, as long as the car is not parked on your lawn, I guess. However make sure when you wash your car that is not blocking your driveway because that is illegal also in Canada. That's right, you cannot park your car so that it is blocking your own driveway. Hmm...I wonder if you can water your lawn while it's snowing out?

Speaking of snow, homeowners in Canada have to keep the municipal sidewalks clear of snow. I can see why this is a law because we have to do the same thing in New York. That is only common courtesy and is a shame that it has to be a law.

If you are driving your car, make sure you do not have a “For Sale” sign in the window of it, while it is moving anyway, because that is also illegal in Canada. If you park it, go ahead and stick that sign in a window though. However, if you park your car in a public spot, you have to make sure that the car is locked up and the windows have to be down no further than the width of a hand. I guess this makes sense if you do not want your car stolen. However, I roll my windows all the way down when I lock my doors in a public area. I should probably stop that. Thank goodness there are laws like these set in place to remind people like me not to do that.

If you are in Ottawa and are walking on Bank Street on a Sunday, you better not being an ice cream cone because that is illegal to do so.

I don't know about eating an ice cream cone, but, if you are in Toronto and are walking down Yonge Street, you had better not be dragging a dead horse behind you because that is illegal.

I hope you enjoyed these crazy laws that are on the books in Canada. Future articles will list more crazy laws that are on the books in the United States and around the world. For instance, did you know that in Australia, children are not allowed to buy cigarettes, but...yep you guessed it, it is okay for children to smoke cigarettes there.

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