Thanksgiving Party Games

Thanksgiving Party Games
Thanksgiving is just around the corner; turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy not to mention all the other great Thanksgiving treats. Want some fun games to play with family and friends? Try out these games for a memorable and fun Thanksgiving.

Picture Puzzle

What you’ll need:
Large pictures of Thanksgiving related things
Large pieces of paper

Print out large pictures of turkeys, pilgrims, pumpkin pie and other Thanksgiving-related images (one picture per team). Make sure to keep the pictures hidden before the start of the game. Cut the pictures into 4, 6, or 8 square parts (depending on the number of people participating). Mix all puzzle pieces together. Put a large sheet of art paper on a table, floor or other flat surface. Keep extra pieces of art paper and glue ready.

Distribute the puzzle pieces among the guests, but tell them not to look at them. When the leader shouts “go” the participants turn their picture pieces over and scramble to find the people who have the rest of the picture and glue the parts together on the art paper to complete their picture. The team that puts their puzzle together first, wins.

Balloon Waddle

What you’ll need:
Whistle (optional)

This is a fun and extremely challenging game that leads to a lot of laughs. Hand each participant a balloon (turkey) and tell them to blow it up. When everyone has blown up their balloons have each player stand in a line at one end of the game area. When the whistle blows or the leader shouts “go”, the participants place the balloons between their thighs and waddle across the room to the finish line. The person who reaches the finish line first wins. If a player’s balloon bursts, that person is disqualified. If there are a lot of participants then play in groups. The winner from each group will have a waddle off to determine the final winner.

Turkey Feather Toss

What you’ll need:
3 or 4 Turkey feathers or Pheasant feathers from the craft store
Small weights like a nail
3 empty containers big enough for the feathers
Pen and paper for recording points

Tape a weight to the quill end of each feather. Place a point value on each container and put them at a distance appropriate for the age of the players. Each player gets a predetermined amount of tosses for each round of play ex: 4 tosses per round. The player with the most points at the end of the rounds wins. This one is great for kids as well!

Corn Hunt or Turkey Hunt

What you’ll need:
Candy corn or small stickers of turkeys
Paper bag or other containers

This one is quick, easy and fun. Hide candy corn or stickers throughout the play area. Give each child a bag or other container to put their treasure in and send them on the hunt. As they find each treasure they put it in their bags. The child who finds the most is the winner.

Have a happy and fun Thanksgiving!

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