PERFUMES .... Their Bottles & Containers

PERFUMES .... Their Bottles & Containers
Was the perfume bottle the reason you bought the scent? Did it really smell good or did it look pretty? Did your grandmother have this exquisite collection of beautifully decorated bottles on her dresser, each one having it’s own unique smell in it?

Yes, It looked pretty and Yes. It must be a habit that I picked up from my Nana. I love perfume bottles and containers. When I asked the question, what is the difference between a perfume decanter and a perfume bottle, here’s what I got. The decanter is what holds the beautiful blend that you create and store in a dark place, the perfume bottle is what you display your blend in on your dresser or vanity table.

OK, that makes sense but why would a person make so much of one blend? We’re talking 4 to 6 ounces, maybe. The perfumers of Paris would create these blends to sell them to the wealthy. My Nana would make them to give as holiday gifts. The original perfume blends were created from essential oils ........ pure essential oils, making them very special to those of us that received them. My Nana would add rose petals and honeysuckles to corn starch creating a beautiful dusting powder for our body. As for the container, the perfume bottle itself, it added beauty to the blend. As for the dusting powder, it was put into a very small beautiful glass jar that had a silver lid and placed on the dresser.

Not all bottles and containers are decorated with etchings or ornate flowers. Some of the most famous and expensive perfumes are housed in the simplest of bottles. Chanel No.5 is one of those perfumes. The idea for the original bottle came from a man’s toilette kit. The bottle is simple and totally functional. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, It contains perfume. It always looks contemporary and during the past 75 years, the bottle has gone through at least 7 changes always remaining true to form. It’s the simple lines of the container that have made it Classic Chanel.

When the perfume industry began to grow in popularity, perfumes were very expensive and sold in small amounts. The perfume bottles and containers were what we know as a quarter ounce to an ounce in size. Some were small enough to place inside of a lady’s glove making it available to her when she felt the need to refresh herself.

We’ve seen perfume bottles and containers grow in size and colors as the Fragrance Industry launches new scents on a quarterly basis. When Perfumes were created every five years, it gave us something to look forward to ...... new packaging, a new combination of blends and new names that wanted to challenge the Icons. There’s one thing that I’ve learned being in the Beauty Industry and that is, ‘we’re always going to be offered something new’. But sometimes it’s the Classic’s that give us the greatest pleasure.

So the next time you’re visiting your Nana (GrandMother) or you’re passing an antique shop, ask to see their perfume bottles and containers and live for the moment in the world of Classic Perfume Bottles and Containers.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet !!!

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