You Smell So Good!

You Smell So Good!
You Smell So Good! This is what I whispered into hubby’s ear as I walked past him. Now, since my husband doesn’t buy anything that he wears, I knew that it had to be something that I’d played with and created for him.

At that moment, it was as though I could see the scent bellowing through the air and moving towards me. Straight out of one of the scenes of the movie Ocean’s 13. I kid you not.

After I got my composure, I went into my analytical mind to figure out what I’d done. The aroma was very familiar but I was having one of my s-l-o-w moments. Then it hit me, Amber. I’d purchased some amber resin about six months ago and dropped a piece of it into some jojoba oil. Fortunately, I remembered to write down what I’d added to the mixture.

It was a very simple blend because I’d taped it onto the brown bottle that I’d put it in. My favorite scents are Jasmine Sambac and Amber, but to this blend I’d added some Rose oil, this was it. For me, Rose oil can sometimes be overwhelming but I added a few drops anyway. I sat this bottle of oil under my sink and forgot about it. Well Hubby was looking for cotton balls and found my forgotten brew. I’m known for putting brown bottles in dark places and returning to see what the content smells like in a few months. He decided to take a whiff, liked it and after his shower applied some right at the base of this throat. This is where I came in and was clearly put into a trance.

He didn’t read my notes on the bottle, he just followed his nose and liked the smell. I clearly was not thinking of a man when I put this little combination together. My thinking was, Amber-Ok, umm how about a little Jasmine Sambac and a couple of drops of Rose Oil-I’ll let you marinate and see what you produce. It turns out that I got Heaven in a bottle for me and my honey.

Lesson learned; Don’t be afraid to play in your oils. If you work with oils to create blends, you’ll remember what it’s like to relax and let go and this is typically when you come up with some of your best creations. If you’ve never played with oils, take a trip to your local health food store or an aromatherapy class and begin to experience the beauty of essential oils.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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