Kids Learn to Share

Kids Learn to Share
Sharing can be learned with patience and perseverance. It is important to teach children to share at an early age because it is not a natural process. It can be learned by modeling the ideal behavior. Sharing builds social and emotional skills.

Sharing is a learned process. As children establish their own identity, they learn very quickly that certain things belong to them. They begin to take ownership of certain things that are important to them, such as a toy or blanket. Some children have problems with sharing their mother with another sibling. This is a normal process for young children.

Sharing requires empathy and security with self. As children are coached to share through certain situations, they begin to feel a sense of compassion for others as well as the true value of sharing. Sharing is not only a challenge for children; it is also a difficult task for some adults. Children often learn from others even when we think they are not looking. It is important to lead by example. Children often do what they see others close to them doing. Setting a good example will give children something positive to copy. Opportunities to share with children create a teachable moment. Children that receive from others on a regular basis generally find it easier to give to others as they grow and learn the importance of sharing.

A simple conversation starter can be used to focus on small things shared during the day. The snack shared between siblings can be discussed while focusing on the importance of sharing. The child may have shared a toy with another child during the day. An easy way to teach children to share is to encourage them to take turns. Sharing teaches children how to give cheerfully.

Sharing teaches kindness and compassion for others. Children, as well as adults benefit from sharing by feeling joy from giving to others. It is a process that can be learned over time. Sharing is an unnatural process for young children, but it can be learned by using opportunities to teach them about sharing through communication and example. Lots of patience is needed to teach sharing. Most importantly, don’t give up. Sharing will eventually become a natural process over time.

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