Why Do You Wear Perfume?

Why Do You Wear Perfume?

Do you wear perfume to attract people, to cover body odor or to seduce? Have you ever really asked yourself, why you buy and wear perfumes?

When was the first time you applied, purchased or received a bottle of perfume? Were you sitting at your grandmothers vanity pretending to be a big girl? I was. I thought I had become as grown as my Mom and my Nana. Let’s not forget the high heel shoes to make it a complete image of a grown woman that smells so good. It was a magical moment for me.

But why did my Mom and my Nana like so many other women, wear perfumes? Were they or are we trying to smell good for someone special? But how do we know whether or not what we think smells good actually smells good to others.

Do you realize that most men feel that we wear to much perfume? Well now, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Ok, this must be older men, because the young boys wear just as much scent as the young girls. You can smell them as they pump their gas and you’re sitting inside your car.

That brings to mind what happened at a local gas station. And you thought you could only purchase gas at the station on the corner. I wait in the car as my husband goes to pay for the gas he’s about to put in the tank. He comes back out with a bottle of perfume and asked me how I liked it. Surprisingly I loved it. It was subtle and sensual. It didn’t overwhelm me at all.

Now, there are all sorts of environments to purchase perfume but the gas station tops the list of least likely places.

I get out and ask the attendant about his selection. He’s got every major brand sold in stores. He told me that his biggest nights are Friday and Saturday. He noticed that people would come in smelling good and he felt he’d found a market. He tried it and it works.

So being my inquisitive (nosy) self, I began to ask people why they wear perfume. Yes, right there in the gas station. Some of the answers I got were, I wear perfume because it makes me smell good, I’m going to the club and I want to attract the attention of guys, I’ve got a dinner date and I want to make sure I smell good enough to be considered again, It makes me feel good, sexy, I get the attention of the girls.

We knew that we could purchase perfumes at airports, discount stores and drug stores but now we’ve added gas stations.

There’s nothing like a great smelling scent and whether we wear them for ourselves or others ..... we wear them.

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