Angie Marie Housman Unsolved Murder

Angie Marie Housman Unsolved Murder
It has been sixteen years since Angie Marie Housman was kidnapped, tortured, and left to die tied to a tree. Angie Marie Housman died from exposure in the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area. Sixteen years ago Angie Marie Housman vanished after stepping off of her school bus just four blocks from the duplex where she lived with her Step-father Ron Bone and mother Diane Bone. Angie Housman disappeared on November 18, 1993.

Angie Marie Housman had big brown soulful eyes, and she was happy fourth grade student, who was aspiring to grow up and be a nurse's aide. For sixteen years, I have held Angie Marie Housman safe in my heart for sixteen years, as I wonder how another year can pass without someone being arrested for Angie’s horrific murder. I have prayed for Angie Housman and her family. I have wondered who could leave a child tied to a tree in the woods and walk away. How could anyone leave a nine year old girl tied to a tree, naked, cold, and terrified?

Investigators believe Angie Marie Housman was not fed nor given water in the days she was held and tortured sexually. Investigators believe Angie was tied to the tree several days before the two deer hunters found her. Next to her was her school backpack and clothes folded neatly in a pile. Her head partially wrapped in duct tape. Two deer hunters found Angie Housman in the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area on November 27, 1993.

November 17 is the wedding anniversary of Angie’s mom, Diane Bone, and Angie’s step-father Ron Bone. They were married three years before Angie disappeared. Wedding anniversaries are supposed to be happy days. February 18, is Angie’s birthday, another day the Bone’s should be celebrating. Yet, anyone who has a missing child, or has buried a child wishes they could sleep through the agonizing holiday season and simply wake up once the festivities are finished.

The man who kidnapped and killed Angie Marie Housman is still out there. For sixteen years, he has walked free. Yet I have faith that someone, somewhere, knows something about who killed Angie Marie Housman in November of 1993 in Saint Charles or Saint Louis, Missouri. Someone will eventually pay for murdering Angie Marie Housman.

Police have fingerprints from the adhesive of the tape used to bind Angie to the tree. Unfortunately, there has not been a match to those fingerprints, yet. If you have information about Angie Marie Housman’s kidnapping and murder please contact the St. Ann Police Department, the Saint Louis Major Case Squad, or your local police department as soon as possible. You can remain anonymous when reporting your information to the authorities.

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