GoLion and Lion Force Voltron Episode Listing

GoLion and Lion Force Voltron Episode Listing
This episode listing includes the episodes of Beast King GoLion, which served as the basis for the first season of the Lion Force Voltron episodes. This will then be followed by an episode listing for both seasons of Lion Force Voltron.

Beast King GoLion
1. Escape From Slave Castle
2. The Runied Phantom Planet
3. The Ghost and the Five Keys
4. Resurrection of the Legendary Giant
5. Fortress for the New Struggle
6. Death of Shirogane the Hero
7. The Beautiful Princess' Battle
8. Stolen Blue Lion
9. Girl of the Land of Evil
10. Secret of the White Lion
11. The Red Rain of Hell
12. Evildoing of the Emperor
13. Introducing Beautiful Honerva
14. Crown Prince of Hell
15. Overcome the Phantom of Shirogane
16. The Legendary Bridge of Love
17. Challenge From Space
18. Footsteps in the Forest of Fear
19. The Mystery of Ghost Castle
20. Goodbye, Earth
21. Altea's Sister Planet
22. Phantom Space Flowers
23. Friday The Thirteenth
24. Look for the Little Shadows
25. Destroy the Giant Cannon
26. Defeat the Invisible Enemy
27. Giant Beastman's Lullaby
28. The Demon's Birthday
29. Comes a Fiery Sky
30. The Prince Imperial's Dark Love
31. The Dreaded Mecha Beastman
32. Behold the Hundred-Ton Punch
33. Terror of the Space Frogs
34. Underground Operation
35. Protect the Soccer Field
36. Mortal Combat Between Light & Shadow
37. Space Seed Demon
38. Golion Hunting
39. The Hypergravity Planetoid Trap
40. No Tomorrow for Altea
41. Brave Shirogane's Brother
42. The Sand Planet of Death
43. The Angry Youth Suicide Corp
44. The Planet Jarre Oath
45. The Great Army of Darkness
46. Fight Back, Space Mice
47. The Seven Free Planets
48. Reunion With the Phantom
49. The Last of Hys
50. The Great Storming of Galra
51. Golion's Desperate Battle
52. Burn, Castle Galra

Lion Force: Season One
1. Space Explorers Captured
2. Escape to Another Planet
3. A Ghost and Four Keys
4. The Missing Key
5. Princess Joins Up
6. The Right Arm of Voltron
7. The Lion Has New Claws
8. The Stolen Lion
9. A Pretty Spy
10. Secret of the White Lion
11. Surrender
12. Bad Birthday Party
13. The Witch Gets a Facelift
14. Yurak Gets His Pink Slip
15. Give Me Your Princess
16. Bridge Over the River Chozzerai
17. My Brother Is a Robeast
18. Zarkon Is Dying
19. The Buried Castle
20. Pidge's Home Planet
21. It'll Be a Cold Day
22. The Deadly Flowers
23. It Takes Real Lions
24. Raid of the Alien Mice
25. Short Run of the Centipede Express
26. The Invisible Robeast
27. The Green Medusa
28. The Treasure of Planet Tyrus
29. Magnetic Attraction
30. The Sleeping Princess
31. The Sincerest Form of Flattery
32. A Transplant for the Blue Lion
33. Attack of the Fierce Frogs
34. Lotor Traps Pidge
35. Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics
36. Lotor's Clone
37. Lotor's New Hit Man
38. Raid of the Red Berets
39. The Captive Comet
40. The Little Prince
41. There Will Be a Royal Wedding
42. The Sand People
43. Voltron Frees the Slaves
44. Voltron Versus Voltron
45. One Princess to Another
46. Mighty Space Mouse
47. Summit Meeting
48. Return of Coran's Son
49. Coran's Son Runs Amuck
50. Zarkon Becomes a Robeast
51. Lotor The King
52. Final Victory

Lion Force: Season Two
53. Dinner and a Show
54. Envoy From Galaxy Garrison
55. Mousemania
56. The Shell Game
57. The Traitor
58. Voltron Meets Jungle Woman
59. Little Buddies
60. Who Was That Masked Man?
61. Take a Robot to Lunch
62. War and Peace... and Doom!
63. Who's Flying the Blue Lion & the Return of Sven
64. Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness
65. A Ghost of a Chance
66. To Soothe the Savage Robeast
67. Doom Girls on the Prowl
68. With Friends Like You
69. Lotor – My Hero?
70. No Muse is Good Muse
71. The Alliance Strikes Back
72. Breaking Up is Hard to Doom

There is also the one-hour special, Fleet of Doom, where the Lion Force Voltron and Vehicle Force Voltron fight side-by-side. While the special itself aired after the second season, it appears that chronologically, it would best fit between the two seasons of the Lion Force Voltron series.

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