A New Year and Resolutions

A New Year and Resolutions
We are all preparing to welcome in the new year on Thursday night at midnight. I can hardly believe that it is going to be the year 2010! Here in Hawaii, many families will set off fireworks starting at 9:00 PM Thursday night and will last until 1:00 AM Friday morning. Although, as I am sitting here typing this article, I can hear the fireworks already beginning.

I'm certain that there will be a wide variety of celebrations going on throughout the world over the next 24 hours. I would love to hear stories from my readers as to how they celebrated and welcomed in the new year. I will post a thread in the forum where everyone can share their memories and stories.

One of the big things of celebrating the coming new year are new year's resolutions. I'm really not a big fan of these resolutions because if they are not kept it can cause sadness and a sense of failure to the individual that wasn't able to continue on with their resolutions. If you are planning on setting a resolution, beginning on January 1, 2010, I urge you to try to limit it to just one. The more resolutions we try to establish, the more difficult it is to keep them. Another thing to remember is to make the resolution reasonable. Don't establish a resolution that will bring stress upon yourself, since then it will be more of a chore or an obligation.

I personally have one New Year's resolution. It is to make my health, and taking care of my health, a priority. Within this resolution is the hope that I will reach out for help when necessary, as well as accepting that I now have physical limitations. Ths is the only resolution that I am setting for myself.

As many of you know, one of the most difficult things for a survivor of child abuse to do is to focus on themselves and tend to their own needs. I think this is because for so many years, there needs went unmet. Now that we, as survivors, are no longer in the abuse, we can tend to ourselves and our needs. It is not selfish to take care of ourselves. As a matter of fact, it can be tremendously empowering. It has been said that we cannot take care of our loved ones, especially our children, until we have taken care of ourselves. We must keep ourselves in good health, in order to take care of our children.

How can we do this? How can we tend to our health? There are several ways in which to do this. First on my mind, if you are not yet seeing a counselor or therapist, and are in need of one, please try to do that in the coming year. It is so important to have that trusted individual to talk with and get feedback from. Since being in therapy myself, I have grown so much and I see myself differently than I ever have in the past. I strongly advocate getting a therapist or counselor.

Another way to tend to our health is to consider the possibility of talking with our doctors about an exercise routine, if one is needed. This is included in my list of things that is in my resolution of taking care of my health. I believe that exercise is really good for us and that it helps to alleviate stress from our already busy and stressful lives. You might also want to consider starting daily vitamins and supplements. There are many health food stores out there that you can check with and the employees there can help to guide you in your process of finding the best suitable plan for your body's needs. Remember to check with your doctor first, before starting any new exercise routine or vitamin/supplement regimin.

Lastly, treat yourself to something this coming year. Perhaps you can set one day a month as a day just for you. You can get a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow waxing etc. You can go for coffee with a good friend or catch a great movie that will have you roaring in laughter or crying from inspiration. Get some friends together and go play a game of football or baseball. You might even think about joining a baseball team in your community or becoming part of a league at your local bowling alley. Whatever you decide to do, do it for you! It's totally appropriate to do things for yourself. Pamper yourself! Spoil yourself! Even if for just one day a month.

My wish for each of you is a year filled with love, laughter, peace, happiness, good health, and joy!

Happy New Year!

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