Designer Thrills for Teens

Designer Thrills for Teens
Have you heard the term “designer sex” or “designer thrills?” The term designer sex describes teen prostitution, or the act of teen performing sexual acts for the thrill, but more likely for the money to buy designer items the teen desires but cannot afford. The middle and upper class teen population is the most likely to become a victim of designer sex. The reason, the money is easy and fast, and once they realize how much money he or she can make by performing simple intimate acts, teens are hooked.

The local mall is one of the most common places for teens to hang out. Yet, teens at malls are especially vulnerable. Ironically, many parents feel that a local mall is safe to allow their children to go to alone or with a friend, because it is enclosed and well populated. Unfortunately, parents may be dead wrong. Malls are havens for sexual predators.

The food court is the perfect place for a predator to blend in, appear harmless, and watch the encompassing activity. When he or she spots their next victim the predator approaches cautiously, waiting for the right moment to establish contact. The first contact is usually to start a casual conversation and put the teen at ease.

People have wild imaginations about what a sexual predator looks like. Often picturing monsters, believing a predator will immediately be identifiable upon approach. Yet, sexual predators look like anyone you might know, suck as a parent, teacher, grandparent, neighbor etc. Sexual predators are not Cyclops and they do not have a visible third eye in the middle of their forehead, or horns, nor will they breathe fire immediately on opening their mouths to speak.

Pedophiles are charming, handsome, considerate, comforting, figures on the outside. They gain the trust of teens by showing attention and caring. Someone having a little concern for what is happening in the child’s life and the willingness to listen to a teen’s troubles, suddenly this is a recipe heading the teen to disaster.

The pedophile has time to spend with a child. So while parents are at work, or pursuing outside interests, the teen left alone is being groomed by a pedophile. When, the teen realizes what is happening it will be too late and he or she will be too embarrassed to tell anyone that a man whom he thought was his friend has exploited the child.

The average age of a young girl or boy, starting into prostitution is thirteen. When it comes to designer sex the teen who is often a willing participant is living in a middle or upper class neighborhood. If you find thirteen shockingly young, consider some children are starting as young as nine years old.

Can you imagine being nine years old and already having sex? What about being thirteen years old and already knowing how to please a man intimately for money? The money is used by the teen to buy the designer items, like electronics, video games, music, and other items he or she could not afford normally.

I am not referencing the poor urban, illegal immigrants, or homeless children whose parents cannot provide them food or shelter. These teens are living in the middle and upper class. They have homes, clothes, and cars and still choose to prostitute themselves out for money to buy things they want.

This is an alarming trend, which concerns both the FBI and Child Advocacy Workers nationwide. Working together, they are focusing on thirteen cities that have seen a rise in designer sex and middle and upper class teen prostitution. These cities include Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York as well as several others. This is obviously not isolated to a select area and is a nationwide problem, so it is important to know what your teen is doing while home alone.

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