What Makes Perfume, Perfume?

What Makes Perfume, Perfume?
A new season is upon us with beautiful scents in the are. And as you visit the local department stores for inspiration to capture these scents in a bottle, you'll find many perfumes. Have you ever asked yourself, what makes perfume, perfume?

"Real" perfume is made from essential oils that are carefully blended together to create aromas that make you swoon from the scent alone. When created using carrier oils, these blends will last for years. When alcohol is added to a scent blend it's to create a spray mist or to stretch the perfume so that it will make more money for the perfumer.

Yes we all have to eat and finding a way to make money is necessary but at what cost to others and their health? Have you ever left the tops off your bottle of "expensive" perfume only to return and find that quite a bit of it is gone.

That's because the alcohol in it has evaporated. If you do this for 24 hours straight you'll only find a few drops of dark liquid in the bottom of the bottle. The dark liquid is the actual perfume, everything else was alcohol.

What's in Your Perfume Bottle?

In today's perfume market, 85% to 97% of the formulas are alcohol and a host of other ingredients. A perfumer will tell you that the alcohol preserves the fragrance but does it?

Not only will you find alcohol but you'll also find synthetic chemicals that are used to imitate the natural aroma of a given plant. Benzyl alcohol, ethyl acetate benzaldehyde, formaldehyde and camphor are just a few of the chemicals found in today's perfumes.

Have ever wondered why you might sneeze when a friend or colleague comes into a room wearing a loud scent? It could be that you are allergic to the ingredients or chemicals that make up the scent they're wearing.

And the Best Option Is ...

The best option is to buy or make a perfume made of natural ingredients and even then, you'll want to take caution. If you're allergic to rag weed or certain flowers and herbs you'll want to make sure they're not in your natural perfume blend.

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