Loveless is an anime based on a manga by Yun Koga.

The series opens with 12-year-old Ritsuka Aoyagi starting his first day at a new school. He doesn't get along with his classmates, points out their faults, and expresses how he hates various aspects in a person. Ritsuka is also experiencing some amnesia.

Yuiko Hawatari, a girl in his class, thinks Ritsuka is "cool" and wants to be friends with him. Yuiko is bullied by her "friends," and at first, Ritsuka thinks Yuiko is stupid. But over time, Ritsuka and Yuiko develop a friendship.

After school, Ritsuka is approached by a 21-year-old man named Soubi Agatsuma, who claims to be a friend of Ritsuka's murdered brother, Seimei. It turns out Soubi and Seimei were part of a world of fighters and sacrifices, and that Soubi fought side-by-side with Seimei. Right before Seimei died, Ritsuka learned his brother's real name was "Beloved."

During their first meeting, Soubi tells Ritsuka that his name is "Loveless," and that Soubi is his Fighter Unit. Soubi and Ritsuka are approached by another pair from the world of fighters, and they try to defeat Soubi and take Ritsuka. Soubi displays the powers he has by deflecting the attacks sent to him by the other fighters. Ritsuka discovers that an organization called Septimal Moon was responsible for his brother's death.

Soubi falls in love with Ritsuka. Even though Soubi touches, kisses, and caresses Ritsuka a lot at the beginning of the series, Soubi acts more like a protective brother figure. Together, Ritsuka and Soubi work together to challenge Septimal Moon in order to learn the truth behind Seimei's death and for Ritsuka's amnesia.

In the world of Loveless, the children, teenagers, and those who have chosen to remain virgins have cat ears. Once a person in this world loses their virginity, they also lose their cat ears. Between this and the sexual innuendo presented between Ritsuka and Soubi, this series is definitely not appropriate for a younger audience. Loveless has some decent animation, but some elements included in the series may make some viewers uncomfortable. Personally, I would recommend Loveless to anime viewers who are 16 or 17 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
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Loveless122005Yuu KouJ.C. StaffAnimeWorks

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