Masking Several Objects on Flash Layer

Masking Several Objects on Flash Layer
We will continue working on the Growing Flower Masking Technique project. If you haven't been following along with the rest of us, use the links below to catch up.

We have created one masked animation for the Stem movie clip on its own Timeline. Now we will mask the flower pedals on the Flower layer. As we did before, we will convert the flower pedals to a Movie Clip and mask them on their own Timeline.

We will learn two new techniques in this tutorial. The first is how to sequence the animation for the flower pedals to start after the Stem has completely "grown" onto the stage. The second is how to mask several objects as one Movie Clip.

  1. At this point, you should still be in the Editing Mode for the Stem Movie Clip. Click on the Scene 1 button to return to the main Timeline.

  2. Lock all layers in the main Timeline except the Flower layer. With the Selection tool, drag a square around all of the flower pedals. From the Menubar, click Modify – Convert to Symbol. Name the symbol "Flower" and set the Type to Movie Clip. In the Properties panel, set the Instance Name to "Flower".

  3. Double-click on the new Flower Movie Clip icon in the Library panel to enter the Edit Mode. Rename Layer1 to "Flower".

  4. Add the Mask layer, right-click and set to Mask. Unlock the Mask layer to see the pedals.

    If you remember, the animation for the Stem had a duration of 26 frames. We don't want our flower pedals to start growing until the stem is in place. So, we will start the animation for the flower pedals on Frame 27.

  5. Frame 1 should already have a Keyframe. On the Mask layer, add a Keyframe to Frame 27. On the Flower layer, add a Keyframe to Frame 27.

  6. On Frame 1 of the Flower layer, select the Movie Clip and click Edit – Cut. This will remove the pedals in the frames before Frame 27.

  7. Click Control – Test Movie. You should not see the pedals until the stem animation has finished. At this point the pedals will be flickering. Later, we will stop this with the stop code.

    Now we are ready to start painting on the Mask layer. Set the color for the Brush tool to a color different from the pedals.

  8. On Frame 27 of the Mask layer, paint at the base of each flower pedal but do not paint over the entire pedal.

  9. Add a new Keyframe to Frame 28 of the Mask layer and add a blank frame to Frame 28 of the Flower layer. Paint over a little more of the pedals. Repeat adding frames and painting until you have painted over all of the pedals. In the example, I finished on Frame 33.

  10. Add a new layer to the Timeline and name it "Actions". Add a Keyframe to Frame 33 or the last frame of your masking layer. Open the Actions panel and add the stop(); code.

  11. Test your movie.

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