Case Closed

Case Closed
Case Closed, which is known as Detective Conan in Japan, is an anime based on the detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama.

The protagonist of the series is Jimmy Kudo, a 17-year-old high school student prodigy and detective. While working on a case, he was attacked by two members of a crime syndicate. They forced Jimmy to take an experimental poison that was supposed to kill him. After leaving him for dead, Jimmy ends up experiencing a rare side effect that the crime syndicate members were unaware of; Jimmy's body returned to that of his seven-year-old self. In order to hide his identity and investigate the syndicate, Jimmy takes on the pseudonym of Conan Edogawa.

As Conan, he moves in with his childhood friend, Rachel Moore and her father, Richard Moore (who is a former police officer that is now an incompetent private investigator). Rachel has been Jimmy's best friend since elementary school. Rachel and Jimmy have feelings for each other, but neither one has the courage to admit their feelings to the other. Rachel is talented in martial arts and is the captain of the school's karate team. After Conan moves in with her, Rachel has to spend her time looking after Conan and her father.

Conan enrolls at Teitan Elementary School and forms the Junior Detective League with three kids in his class: Amy, Mitch, and George. As Conan, he is still able to solve cases, usually by posing as Richard Moore with the help of special gadgets that are created by a scientist friend of Jimmy's family. The anime follows Conan as he tries to find out who poisoned him and their whereabouts.

Case Closed is a mystery anime done in a "Whodunit" style. Jimmy/Conan takes the time to explain the clues that led him to solve the mystery. While Jimmy may end up transforming into a seven-year-old boy, this series is not aimed at children that young. In the first episode, one of the mysteries presented is someone being murdered by being beheaded. A bloody knife is also shown on screen. With the subject matter and topics included in the series, as well as the storytelling used in the series, I would recommend Case Closed to anime viewers who are 13 or 14 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Case Closed6871996-ongoingKenji Kodama/Yasuichiro YamamotoTMS EntertainmentFUNimation Entertainment
Case Closed: The Time Bombed SkyscraperN/A1997Kanetsugu KodamaTMS EntertainmentFUNimation Entertainment
Case Closed: The Fourteenth TargetN/A1998Kanetsugu KodamaTMS EntertainmentFUNimation Entertainment
Case Closed: The Last Wizard of the CenturyN/A1999Kanetsugu KodamaTMS EntertainmentFUNimation Entertainment
Conan vs Kid vs Yaiba – The Decisive Battle Over the Treasured Sword!12000?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: Captured in Her EyesN/A2000Kenji KodamaTMS EntertainmentFUNimation Entertainment
Case Closed: Countdown to HeavenN/A2001Kanetsugu KodamaTMS EntertainmentFUNimation Entertainment
16 Suspects!?12002?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker StreetN/A2002Kanetsugu KodamaTMS EntertainmentFUNimation Entertainment
Conan and Heiji and the Vanished Boy12003?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: Crossroad in the Ancient CapitalN/A2003Kanetsugu KodamaTMS EntertainmentN/A
Conan and Kid and the Crystal Mother12004?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: Magician of the Silver SkyN/A2004Yasuichiro YamamatoTMS EntertainmentN/A
The Target is Kogoro Mori!! The Detective Boys' Secret Investigation12005?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: Strategy Above the DepthsN/A2005Yasuichiro YamamatoTMS EntertainmentN/A
Pursuit of the Vanished Diamond! Conan, Heiji vs Kid12006?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: The Private Eyes' RequiemN/A2006Yasuichiro YamamatoTMS EntertainmentN/A
A Written Challenge From Agasa! Agasa vs Conan & the Detective Boys12007?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: Jolly Roger in the Deep AzureN/A2007Yasuichiro YamamatoTMS EntertainmentN/A
Detective Conan Magic File42007?TMS EntertainmentN/A
High School Girl Detective Sonoko Suzuki’s Case Files12008?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: Full Score of FearN/A2008Yasuichiro YamamatoTMS EntertainmentN/A
Detective Conan Magic File 212008?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Stranger in 10 Years12009?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: The Raven ChaserN/A2009Yasuichiro YamamatoTMS EntertainmentN/A
Detective Conan Magic File 312009?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan12009?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Kid in Trap Island12010?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: The Lost Ship in the SkyN/A2010Yasuichiro YamamatoTMS EntertainmentN/A
Detective Conan Magic File 412010?TMS EntertainmentN/A
The Secret Order From London12011?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: Quarter of SilenceN/A2011Yasuichiro Yamamato/Kobun ShizunoTMS EntertainmentN/A
Detective Conan Magic File 201112011?TMS EntertainmentN/A
The Miracle of Excalibur12012?TMS EntertainmentN/A
Case Closed: The Eleventh StrikerN/A2012Kobun ShizunoTMS EntertainmentN/A
Detective Conan Magic File 201212012?TMS EntertainmentN/A

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