How To Use Essential Oils to Fight Bacteria

How To Use Essential Oils to Fight Bacteria
There are many antibacterial items that are commercially available today. Whether it is soaps or wipes, there are plenty of options to eliminate these pathogens. Science and technology has come a long way in providing people with options to keep themselves healthy and safe. However, there are certain types of bacteria that can be resistant to traditional kinds of antibacterial formulations.

The good news is that research has discovered that there are certain essential oils that can fight infections. These substances, which are distilled from plants, are an inexpensive method of combating pathogens found in the environment. The results of research conducted only confirm practices that have been known since ancient civilizations. Different cultures have used plants and herbs to treat infections and diseases for hundreds of years.

Specifically, essential oils from plants can be used against the bacterial strain staphylococcus aureas, a kind of bacteria that can cause infections in hospitals. It is considered a particularly dangerous strain because it does not respond to an entire range of antibiotics. What the derivatives from these plants do is kill off the bacteria that traditional medicine could not.

To back this up, researchers tested different kinds of essential oils in the laboratory experiments conducted. The samples included herbs such as thyme, peppermint, cinnamon, and basil. All of these plants are known to exhibit some level of antibacterial qualities. Among these, the essential oils that worked best are thyme and cinnamon oil. These extractions killed off almost all of the bacterium found in the petri dish within one hour.

Scientists admit that further research is needed to find out the reason behind this phenomenon. They do not have the complete picture as to why these essential oils are so effective against bacteria, such as staph, which is resistant to many different kinds of medicine. One of the theories offered by researchers is that these oils are manufactured by plants in order to protect them from being ravaged by disease.

However, one thing is for sure: the potential for this discovery is limitless if it is tapped properly. Essential oils from plants can be used for treatment purposes as well as for disinfection. Initial research shows that the concentrated form of these substances are not dangerous to humans. But further study is needed to determine the exact dosage needed to safely and effectively take advantage of the benefits offered by these plant extracts.

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