Hate, Fear, and Intention

Hate, Fear, and Intention
Hate is an uncivilized emotion. It is something that starts, never as a whisper, but as a rude, out loud disagreement that one cannot control. Maybe we cannot control it, because we cannot define or properly express our thoughts, ideas, and emotions about the subject. No matter the situation, hate is not an okay emotion.

Overtime hate grows. It is like the sperm of evil. It fertilizes fear and causes out of control responses to things that we should be able to discuss and/or learn about. Hatred is generally geared toward something that we feel we cannot control. It mirrors some deep seeded, hidden dislike we may have for our thoughts, our actions, or our pasts.

Hate is scary. It is the root of homicide, genocide, and terrorism. No matter where it stems from (our values in culture, religion, possession, or selflessness) it has no good place in any society. The emotion is always bigger than the man/woman and has the ability to spin out of control. Hate eats away at positive energy, leaving behind a darkness that is void of light-energy and taxing on the host.

Therefore, we must remember that we are made of light and love. We are designed to be a responsible member of a civilized society. We can agree to disagree. We can debate. We can un-friend and we can disassociate. We can be confused or hurt. We can do many things and undo them when the time is right, but hate can produce outcomes that there is no coming back from.

In this day and age, a mission of love and understanding is of the highest value. Whatever it is that you think you hate, you must analyze it. You must come to terms with why you hate it. It may take days, but there is a need to contemplate this thing that you hate and ask yourself how or if you can come to find understanding or love for it. You must create words that define it. What exactly is at the root of your hatred? Be honest with yourself, because if you believe in God, you believe in the power of love and you know that He already knows why you hate. So, your secrecy about the root of your hate is only a secret from you.

Defining, describing, expressing why you are so passionate about this subject, should be a transformation in and of itself. Maybe you will admit that you do not hate the person that killed your loved one, but that you are disappointed that you did not better value that relationship when it was alive and available to you. Maybe you will admit that you are a bigot. Now, what? Maybe you hate bugs because of a childhood experience that scarred you and created a misconception in your psyche about these creatures.

Now that you have defined it, figure out where it stems from and shower it with a new light. The new light must be filled with optimism and positive solutions. That light must come from the core of your being, which is made solely of light and love. Start by understanding that the thing you hate is probably an idea or a notion, most likely something that you could never prove. We “hate” people’s ideals, especially when we have created a story about them in our minds. Nine times out ten, we cannot be certain that the story is true. We want to believe it for some reason, but if it cannot be proven (forget opinion, it must be fact) we are not living in the present tense of truth.

In fact, if you hate, you are living in the presence of fear. Empathy and education could be the remedy to dispel hatred. Become educated on why the subject murdered your loved one, why bigotry was heralded as an acceptable virtue in your household, or why bugs exist and why they bite. The more you know, the easier it is to understand and tolerate or accept a thing instead of hating it. Analyze your bigotry, figure out where it stems from (usually ignorance or non-education about a subject), and decide if you could be wrong. Come to terms with the positives in your relationship with the deceased and accept that you cannot change the past. Express your love now and wish them a restful existence.

We must learn to step away from hate and move toward love and respect. No matter the scenario, hate has no rightful place in anyone’s life. It means us no good.

If there is an evil energy, hate is its first name. Walk away. Intend to be the love that you were intended to be. Be inspired to express love everyday until love dominates your life and fills every nook and cranny of your soul with a light that makes no room for hate.

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