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Interview with Diana Cooper on 2012 part two

Guest Author - Deanna Joseph

So these are just the things that are happening in 2012 and thereabout, that will energetically shift people and move them into a higher frequency.

Now of course there are also lots of other things happening. Like the fact that oil is running out. And this is going to have an impact on us, so we will no longer be using planetary resources because we will have to find ecological ways of powering ourselves. But of course itís going to mean for a time that people canít travel so much in the way that theyíre used to. Itíll also mean that itís no longer economically viable to transport food and goods half way around the planet. People will start to eat locally, grow locally, live locally, and that is going to shift the energy of different areas because people are going to start supporting each other, cooperating and helping each other, and eventually forming fifth dimension community. And in a fifth dimension community you donít have rulers and leaders, people all cooperate together for the highest good. And so this is going to be the thrust of the years after 2012.

In 2022, America, especially, is helping to lead the way to help poorer countries to be able to move their way of living into a much higher and fairer way. So the richer countries will be helping the poorer countries.

And by 2032 when the planet has learned those lessons, we will not be needing money at all, theyíll just be exchange within the communities because it will be a very different world by that time.

So weíve had what weíve thought was extremely quick movement over the last hundred years. For example, my aunt, who lived until she was 90, started her life traveling in a horse and carriage and ended it traveling in a jet plane, and thought that was absolutely amazing. But the changes in her life will be as nothing compared to the speed of the changes over the next 25 years.

We really are moving into something completely new and different.

Now every dark area of the planet is to be cleansed, and this will be done by the elements, by nature. And here again, we have a huge impact in this because if enough people open themselves up spiritually and bring the light of Source through themselves and act as a channel for the light and take it into the earth, that will cleanse the earth and then it will not have to be done by nature.

Also, if for example, youíre going to have a hurricane, a wind, that natureís way of cleansing an area. But people are frightened and send terror into it, and the elements, who are working with the winds to do the cleansing, go into a frenzy because they pick up the human emotions. But if enough people recognize this and stay calm, and send peace and centeredness into that cleansing situation, there will be no need for a hurricane, it can be done with a breeze.

So humans can have a massive impact on what happens. However, where there are problems and cleansing takes place, and where we donít learn our lessons, and there are major disasters or tragedies, it will mean that those countries and those people will have to accept help from outside. When they accept that help they will start to see that other nations are spiritual. It will bring down the barriers and the boundaries and people will start looking at their cultural differences as something good rather than as something that divides them and will start honoring each other as nations.

So wherever there is difficulty, and those challenges and cleansing, are going to take place between 2017 and 2022. After that it will stop completely because then we will start to rebuild so that the new golden cities can rise like phoenix from the ashes.

A lot of people seem to be struggling with the raising of the vibrations around us. Is there something we can do right now to ease this transition?

The best thing to do is to make sure you are fully grounded. So many people are living without actually connecting to the earth. And if you really put your roots down into the earth and walk everyday in nature and feel the love earth has for you, it holds you and allows you to accept the energies better.

It also seems that immune disorders are on the rise. Is that connected to the 2012 changes?

It is. Itís connected to two things. One is the way we are polluting the planet, the food and everything we put into our bodies. And the other is that the higher energies are coming in now and that sometimes when the energies arenít coming in evenly, there will be a huge burst of this, and then a huge burst of that, and people are having to pass that through their cellular structure, and this of course isnít helping us to keep our immune system strong. But mainly we have to keep our aura as strong as possible, because as you know, your aura is the electro-magnetic shield around you, itís your protection. And when itís strong, then the energies canít muck you around too much.

If your energy field has huge gaps, which are often brought about by fear, then you can take in anything and it will affect you.

So we want to keep our energies strong and balanced.

Absolutely. And eat the right food, drink the right drink and try and stay as unpolluted as possible.

What do you think is the most important thing that our readers should know right now?

That this is such a massive opportunity for spiritual growth. There are so many beings waiting to help us. That everybody has their angel, many unicorns are around, there are the archangels coming in, the elementals waiting to help us, and you can use this opportunity for your soulís growth by calling in the angels and the unicorns anytime to help you, and also asking them before you go to sleep at night. Ask the unicorns to help balance your chakras, which are your spiritual energy centers, and ask the angels to sing over you the perfect tones that enable your chakras to stay strong and in balance.

And they will do this for you.

A lot of people are having trouble with fear. Is this something Iím just noticing locally, or is this world wide?

This is a time when all the fears are coming up to the surface to be dissolved and eradicated. So people are dealing with all their ancestral fear, all the karma on the planet and people are very frightened about whatís going to happen in the next stage, in 2012. But it really isnít helpful. Itís most important to stay centered and strong. Call in archangel Uriel to help you keep your solar plexus strong because the fears are coming through the solar plexus.

A lot of the fear thatís held within the earth itself is coming up to the surface to be dissolved and released. And of course sensitive people are feeling it.

Are you getting all of your information about 2012 from the angels?

Yes. And my guides.

Do you have any last things you would like to share?

In 2008 I asked my angels and guides what percentage of people were expected to ascend in 2012, and they told me 11 percent. Then with the appearance of Barack Obama, there was such a wave of hope and excitement and enthusiasm throughout the planet, that this rose, overnight to 18 percent. So itís still there, but we can raise this figure still more by bringing hope and celebration and ceremony and all our higher frequencies into our lives.

Where are the portals that are in America?

There is one in Sedona which is bringing forward the Native American Wisdom. Then there is a huge one, in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, and this is an oblong shape. Now it was originally round, but the movement of the earth has squashed it into this other shape. This goes from the center of the earth, called hollow earth, where the blueprint of our planet is kept, which is the true Garden of Eden, and where all the ancient spiritual cultures are represented, who look after the planet and understand the earth, and it links directly from there to the center of the universe, which is the seat of Source. And starting in 2012 this is going to be energized. The light coming is going to be strong enough and powerful to support the return of this portal to its original shape and size. Now this clearly isnít going to take place overnight. Itís going to be fully open by 2035. So, itís a long slow opening, and itís going to have the most profound affect on the area and the whole planet. And it was going to affect all the ley lines. But of course thereís going to be physical movement there as well as spiritual and energetic. After 2035 it will stay open for 3 years and then it will close because the earth will have moved position and it will no longer be lined up with the center of the universe. And so then another opening to hollow earth will become the portal.

These portals are bringing in such light that everybody in the area will feel it. And of course light contains spiritual information and knowledge, so the light is really impacting on peopleís consciousness.

A lot of people are going through challenges at the moment. And some of these are initiations, and initiations are set by their soul to take them to a higher spiritual level, and so the difficulties that they go through are a way of burning up the old energy so they can rise to a higher energy. So when we judge people and say they have bad karma, often itís not. Itís that they really are raising their frequency to another level.

The best antidote to fear is raising your consciousness.

So over the coming years we can see a lot of change coming, and itís our own ability to stay hopeful, compassionate and loving that will make the 2012 transition date a time of excitement and hope.
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This content was written by Deanna Joseph. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Yvonnie DuBose for details.


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