Blue Submarine No. 6

Blue Submarine No. 6
Blue Submarine No. 6 is based on a post-apocalyptic manga series by Satoru Ozawa that was originally published in 1967.

The story is set in the "near future," where the oceans have risen and flooded most of the sea-lying land. A rogue scientist named Zorndyke caused the flooding, which killed billions of people. Zorndyke's army of half-animal "hybrids" have attacked or destroyed most of humanity's remaining cities. Humanity has built up a submarine force, and the focus of this series is on Blue Submarine #6.

At the beginning of the series, a young female officer named Mayumi Kino, along with a sailor named Mouse, have been sent on a mission to re-recruit Tetsu Hayami. Hayami had been involved with the development of the Grampus (a two-person crew submarine capable of short and long range combat) while he was at the Naval Academy. However, he refuses to help.

As Mayumi and Mouse head back to the submarine, the city is attacked by Zorndyke's hybrids. Hayumi sees what's going on and ends up joining in the fight. During the fight, Hayumi destroys most of the enemy; however, one of the enemy’s devices manages to land on a beach. Hayumi dispatches a small robot and sprays it with bullets. When Hayumi gets out of his Grampus and approaches, the device opens up and reveals a female humanoid creature. After an argument with Kino, Hayami returns the creature to the water (however, the creature bites him when she regains consciousness).

Blue Submarine No. 6 is a series that tries to combine computer graphics and traditional cel animation. Unfortunately, since this series was one of the earlier anime series produced with a heavier use of computer generated images, the computer graphics really stand out like a sore thumb when compared to the traditionally animated characters and backgrounds. As a viewer, you find yourself being distracted by how much the computer graphics stand out in the production.

Even though the animation is a little distracting, the story being told in the OVA series is interesting. It should also be noted that Blue Submarine No. 6 does contain some shots of female nudity. Personally, I would recommend Blue Submarine No. 6 to anime viewers who are 16 or 17 years of age and older.

Release Year(s)
N.A. Licensor
Blue Submarine No. 641998-2000Mahiro MaedaGonzoDiscotek Media

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