Traveling with Cats - Road Trip

Traveling with Cats - Road Trip
So you’ve made plans for your next road trip. You’ve decided to take your cat with you. While most cats do best if they can be left in their home environment when you travel – see Tips on Cat Care while You’re Away – Home Care – some will do just fine traveling with you.

What will I need?

Cat Food and Water
Bring bowls for food and water and make sure you have some accessible during traveling. When you stop for a break, offer your cat food and water.

Litter box and Litter
Large aluminum pans make perfect disposable litter pans. Bring along extra litter, as well as bags to dispose used litter.

Cat Carrier
If you have more than one cat that will be traveling with you, it is best to have one carrier for each cat.

*Tip – if you experience difficulty getting your cat into the carrier, turn the carrier upright with the door facing the ceiling. Open the door, pick up the cat and gently drop him or her into the carrier. Quickly shut the door. The law of gravity works!

If your cat is on any kind of medication, be sure to take along enough for the journey.

Medical Records
Make sure you take a copy of your cat’s medical records with you, just in case you have an emergency during your travels and need to take your cat to another veterinarian. The records should include your cat’s vaccination history and any current medication your cat is on.

Be sure you cat is wearing identification, like an ID tap or a microchip. If you cat gets loose, this will ensure your cat is returned to you if found by someone.

Toys and Comfort Items
To make the trip more enjoyable for your cat be sure to take along some of his or her favorite things – like that special toy or favorite bedding.

What else do I need to know?

Summer Travel
If you’re traveling during the hot summer months, never – absolutely never - leave your cat locked in an un-air-conditioned vehicle. If you do you might come back to a very dehydrated and sick cat, or a dead cat.

If your travels find you staying in a hotel with your cat, be sure to book a room at a hotel that accepts pets. Before making a reservation ask what the hotel’s pet policy is.

Staying with Family or Friends
If you will be staying with family or friends, make sure it’s okay with them that you bring your cat.

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