Should You Avoid Essential Oils During Pregnancy?

Should You Avoid Essential Oils During Pregnancy?
There is some controversy surrounding the dangers of certain essential oils when used by pregnant women. Aromatherapy, in general, has great benefits during pregnancy. It assists in lessening some of the discomfort and aches that can be felt.

However, there are some compounds in certain types of essential oils that may not be good for both the mother and child. There are some oils that would be wise to avoid during pregnancy.

There are various reasons why some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy. One of the most important is that some have been known to promote and regulate the menstrual flow of a woman.

These types of essential oils exhibit a hormone-like behavior because of their molecular structure. Although there is no conclusive scientific evidence on their effect to promote bleeding, it is still prudent to avoid essential oils such as fennel and anis seed when pregnant.

Another category of what essential oils should be avoided by pregnant women is the abortifacient oils. They should not be used in aromatherapy at any time because as the name suggests, these essential oils are anecdotally known to induce abortion in some cases. Examples of this type of oil are mugwort, parsley seed, pennyroyal, rue, sassafras, savin, and thuja. Even common oils such as sage and wormwood have been identified as abortifacient so it is best to avoid them when pregnant.

Essential oils provide great advantages to the general health of an individual. However, it should be noted that they are quite potent compounds. Some these essential oils should not be used on the body in massage therapy nor taken orally because of their high oral and dermal toxicity even though other parts of the plant are useful. This rule should especially be followed by pregnant women because they are more susceptible to toxicity.

A good example of toxic essential oils is mustard. Although the seeds of mustards are useful, the oil is a member of what essential oils should be avoided by pregnant women. Allyl isothiocyanate, which is poisonous, forms when the mustard seeds are exposed to water. The essential oil is created when a glycoside decomposes because of the enzymatic action. This oil is also known as a skin and mucus membrane irritant.

Tansy is another essential oil that should be avoided because of its toxicity. This type of oil is high in thujoe, which is poisonous and can cause convulsions, vomiting, and uterine bleeding.

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