Yu Yu Hakusho The Complete First Season

Yu Yu Hakusho The Complete First Season
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Complete First Season is a four-disc DVD set that contains 28 episodes. However, the title is a little misleading. The set actually contains the entire first season, as well as three episodes from the second season.

The first disc contains eight episodes, the second disc contains six episodes, the third disc contains eight episodes, and the fourth disc contains six episodes. It should be noted that on the DVD boxes, the English episode titles are used; however, on the actual discs, the original Japanese titles are used in the episodes.

The menu on each disc contains an option labeled "Audio"; however, you not only make your language selection using this option, but you also make your subtitle selection here as well. Audio is available in both Japanese and English, and you can choose whether or not to have English subtitles. You can also choose to play all the episodes on the disc, or choose which episode you want to watch. However, there is no scene selection option available for the episode. When you choose to watch a particular episode, you are taken directly to the opening credits for that episode.

On the first disc, the only "extra" is a link that takes you to a menu for trailers. The trailers available to view on this disc are for the FUNimation Channel, Dragon Ball Z, Case Closed, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Samurai 7.

The second disc has three extras. The first consists of character profiles, which are a single page for each character with an accompanying picture. On this disc, there are profiles for Yusuke, Kuwabara, Botan, Keiko (misspelled as Kayko), Koenma, Atsuko, Hiei, Kurama, Gouki, Genkai, Kazemaru, Kibano, Shorin/Rando, and Ogre. Textless Songs has both the opening and closing credits, which are available in both Japanese and English. For the Japanese version, you still see the subtitles for the lyrics on the screen. There are also trailers for Desert Punk, The Galaxy Railways, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball GT, and the Z-Store.

The only "extra" on the third disc are trailers. The trailers on this disc are for the FUNimation Channel, Case Closed, Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki.

The fourth disc has three extras. The first is more character profiles, done in the exact same style as the profiles on disc two. On this disc are profiles for Genbu, Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, The Toguros, The Triad, Sakyo, Tarukane, Yukina, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Koenma, Gondawara, Rinku, Koto, and Shizuru. The textless songs that appear on this disc are exactly the same as what appears on disc two. The trailers available on this set are for MoonPhase, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Panic!, and the Z-Store.

The actual episodes that appear on this set are very well-done. However, I wish FUNimation had gone to a little more effort with the bonus features. Even with the relative lack of bonus features included on this release, I would still recommend this set to fans of Yu Yu Hakusho, especially if they're interested in owning the series on DVD.

In order to write this review, I watched a copy of this DVD set that my husband purchased for me as a gift.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Surprised to Be Dead
Koenma Appears
Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men
Requirements For Lovers
Yusuke's Back
Three Monsters
Gouki And Kurama
The Three Eyes of Hiei

Bonus Feature
The Search Begins
Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
Hard Fights for Yusuke
Rando Rises. Kuwabara Falls
Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks
The Beasts of Maze Castle

Bonus Features

Disc 3
Disc 4
Genbu, the Stone Beast
Byakko, the White Tiger
Byakko's Lair
Seiryu, the Blue Dragon
Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts
Seven Ways to Die
Yusuke's Sacrifice
Lamenting Beauty

Bonus Feature
The Toguro Brothers Gang
The Deadly Triad
Kuwabara's Fight of Love
Toguro Returns
The Dark Tournament Begins
First Fight

Bonus Features

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