Book Review The Science of Making Things Happen

Book Review The Science of Making Things Happen
Turn Any Possibility Into Reality

By Kim Marcille Romaner

I received this book from New World Library, and thought right away it looked like a really interesting book. I love books on the law of attraction, goal setting and how physics plays into all that, and believe that the key to any success is simply putting our focus on what it is we want to achieve.

But I’ve also read probably 30 books on setting goals, the law of attraction, and reaching our dreams, and so I wondered if this book would offer me something new, or just give me some positive reminders that I knew I needed to hear.

Within a few minutes of getting started, I knew I was learning something new. Kim was talking about quantum physics, possibilities, and the “science” of how things manifest in our environment.

No matter what choice you make, what happens next – and how you experience it – it a continued series of choices between possibilities. Page 34

Kim explained (in an easy to understand manner) how it is that the energy field around is affected by us, and how that changes with our thoughts.

Theoretically I knew this to be true, but once I read Kim’s explanation I truly had an Ah-Ha moment! I know it’s great to have faith and all that, but sometimes we just need to know how things work!

The book is 262 pages, plus an index and notes section, and is divided into two parts:

Part 1. The five secrets from science for creating the life of your dreams.

Chapter 1: Choosing with the Universe / Possibility served up on a platter.
Chapter 2: Your Brain on Chaos Theory / A Real, Live Dream Machine
Chapter 3: Epigenetics / Changing Yourself Is an Outside Job
Chapter 4: Decoherence / Living on the Edge between Possibility and Reality
Chapter 5: The Inverse Zeno Effect / Accelerating the Realization of Your Dreams

Part 2. Applying the five secrets from science in your life.

Chapter 6: Amp Up Your Wealth/Bringing the Buried Treasure to the Surface
Chapter 7: Amp Up Your Career/Maximizing Your Chosen Pursuit
Chapter 8: Amp Up Your Love Life and Relationships/Intensifying Your Connections
Chapter 9: Amp Up Your Health and Appearance/Creating Your Ultimate Self
Chapter 10: Amp Up Your Giving and Community Connection/Enhancing the Two-Way Flow of Gifts

Kim’s writing is flowing and easy to understand. Where I did find myself doing quite a bit of re-reading in the first couple of chapters, for the most part it due to the revelations, not because I couldn’t understand it.

One of the chapters I found most interesting was Chapter 4 – Decoherence. Here Kim explains that the Universe supports redundant information.

A state is considered robust and stable if there is redundant information stored about it in the environment. Page 84

That means the more it sees something, the more likely it is to support it. So we can’t have a goal, and then forget about it, thinking the Universe will pick up the torch and run with it while we go back to our old patterns.

The more you imprint the environment with the information about your desired outcome, the more likely it is that the environment will support it. Page 86

This just proves how important it is to have regular practices of visualization, have a vision board, and put your focus on what it is you do want rather than what you don’t want.

We all imprint our environment with redundant information – so we need to know where our focus is so we’re not imprinting something we don’t want in our lives.

In fact, the potentiality of the universe floats all around you and within you, invisible. Page 34

We know that this world is filled with possibilities and potentials. But in our day to day lives our focus can become scattered, and placed upon things that worry us; things we really don’t want to attract into our lives. We forget about our dreams and goals and we move through the sameness of hum-drum living.

You can’t drag the same old you into your dream world. page 75

Creating the life we want takes focus, commitment and enthusiasm. The Science of Making Things Happen is a wonderful tool for getting out of that rut, and re-focusing back on making life what we want it to be.

This book was sent to Deanna by the publisher, free of charge, for review purposes.

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