The Benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage

The Benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage
I was at my favorite place the past few days, the beach, for a wind down weekend. I needed to take inventory of where I am with goals and projects and I thought this would be a great place to do so. Hubby suggested I treat myself.

So, one of the treats I decided to give myself was an aromatherapy massage. Now I�ve had these treatments before, some have been OK and some have been bummers. But this weekend I got the best of all worlds.

I treated myself to an in-room aromatherapy massage. It began with the therapist giving me a scent sampling. I was interviewed to find out what type of scents I liked and what type of feeling I was looking to experience.

Well of course I wanted a relaxing, tranquil, soothing experience but I didn�t want to feel comatose when she finished. The therapist proceeded to tell me that I wasn�t a �lavender type� of person. Well the therapist got brownie points because there are times when lavender gives me headaches.

So here�s how my oil blend took shape. I was anointed with essential oils of rose, jasmine sambac, sandalwood, sweet orange, lime and grapefruit. I could have sworn the therapist was psychic because these are some of my favorite oils. They were blended into a sweet almond and jojoba oil base.

My question to the therapist was, do you always travel with such expensive oils? She explained that in order to give her clients the best experience her oils had to be top notch and she understood the properties and benefits of each oil. As it turned out she was not only a massage therapist but an aromatherapist as well. So she combined the best of her worlds and created a service like no other.

OK, back to my massage oil blend:

Rose Oil - Anti depressant for relieving anxiety, anti septic for protecting fro infection, aphrodisiac for a little love, not to mention that rose oil is often used to boost libido and as an astringent to lift the skin.

Jasmine Sambac - Also referred to as the Arabian Jasmine is used to bring a light and happy feeling to those who use it.

Sandalwood - Having a euphoric yet grounding psychological effect, Sandalwood promotes a sense of well being. It�s used in skin care for dry, chapped, cracked and aging skin.

Orange Oil - While orange oil is often used to tackle problems of colds and flu, it detoxifies you body and boost your immune system. And at the same time, it takes care of of the collagen formation in your skin.

Lime Oil - refreshing and cheering
Grapefruit Oil - keeps your skin clean, good for treating stiffness and cramps in muscles. It gives you a refreshing feeling.

Of course she didn�t share the exact recipe but my nose has an idea of what the end result should smell like. I was allowed to have what ever was left in the bottle, since it was my special blend.

This was a true aromatherapy massage and a wonderful aromatic experience.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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