Strange Crimes and Criminals

Strange Crimes and Criminals
I have previously written articles about dumb criminals and dumb crimes so now it is time to look at the weird and the strange of the criminal world.

I have to start with one of the strangest crimes and criminals I have researched for this article. It is about a man who was arrested for threatening to kill a friend’s spider. The man was caring for the spider of a friend and when the friend asked for the spider back, the man demanded a 100 dollars(US) or he would kill the spider. The man then threatened to shoot the owner of the spider and the police were called.

They arrested the man and upon searching the residence, police found a 14-year-old boy hiding in a closet. Not only that, yes it gets stranger, police also found a Siberian Husky dog that the man had stolen previously. He was tried and sentenced to 54 months in prison. Wait, I’m not done with this young man. In a separate case, this man was sentenced to 40 months in prison for a series of car burglaries, which in one of those burglaries, is when he stole the Siberian Husky.

In Ohio, a man dressed as a banana is still on the loose. His crime? Why, he attacked a mascot at cellular wireless store; a gorilla mascot.

What is it with bananas?

Police at the University of North Carolina are searching for a pair of men who allegedly stole a wooden sculpture from the campus’s student union. The sculpture is worth 1,000 dollars(US). One of the alleged thieves was dressed as a lobster. His partner? Right. He was dressed like a banana.

In Newington, Connecticut, police are looking for a man who backed his car into a wall at gas station/convenience store. The man smashed a hole in the wall with his car and walked into the store. He removed one thing from a shelf and ate it, on camera, and then got back into his car and drove off.
The item? Yes, it absolutely was a banana. He crashed into the store, just to steal and eat a banana. Man, talk about needing a potassium fix.

Okay, I am going to finish up the crimes of the weird and strange with a man who robbed a bank and hung around until police showed up. He willingly went with them. They found an unloaded pistol on the man. When he was asked by police why he attempted to rob the bank, the man explained that it was the only way he could get away from his constant nagging wife. He told police that if he filed for divorce, his wife told him that she would commit suicide, so he figured being arrested for bank robbery would be the only way he could get away from her. He got his wish. He was arrested and his wife filed for divorce.

Hey, did you hear the one about the midget psychic who escaped from jail? Police are looking for a small medium at large.

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