How to Use Essential Oils for Babies

How to Use Essential Oils for Babies
Essential oils have become a big part of product ingredients for baby aromatherapy items, which is being deemed as new treatments for infants. If you're planning to use essential oils on your babies, take the necessary precautions first before using them.

Why do I discuss this subject? Because I've had so many mother's asking me about essential oils for their babies because of a report that they've read and it confused them.

You must realize that the skin of babies is fragile and sensitive. Essential oils for babies can irritate or infect their skin if they aren’t blended or diluted before applying them.

Always consult with a doctor or dermatologist before using essential oils on your babies. And these professionals should have extensive knowledge about how to use them. If they practice or understand alternative healing methods, they might be better able to give you the advice you seek.

There are several tips you can remember when you are applying essential oils on infants. One tip would be to add water into the essential oil in order to dilute it. You can also add carrier oil instead of water. Carrier oils like jojoba, shea, sweet almond or olive oil.

When it comes to dosage, you have to be absolutely precise when measuring how much oil you need to put on your baby. One tiny miscalculation could put your baby in serious danger.

If you are unsure about this, it is best to consult with a professional or have someone with experience blend the oil. Also, make sure you don't apply the essential oil near the baby’s eyes or genitals. This can cause major irritation which can result in serious problems.

Do not for any reason use essential oils on babies younger than two weeks. You need to wait for them to develop first before using such oils.

Essential oils for babies need to be just that "essential oils". Fragrance and synthetic oils will irritate the skin of adults so imagine what it will do to babies.

You may confuse essential oils to fragrance oils. Be aware that fragrance oils do not have the same therapeutic effect essential oils have. When it comes to choosing which essential oil to buy, typically the more expensive ones are your best bet. This is due to the extraction process which is very meticulous and costs a lot of money.

But, because there are some sources that will charge you a high price for a product that's been diluted, be careful. The key is to check for a resource from someone you trust and if that source keeps coming up, it could be a good one.

If your baby has trouble sleeping, aromatherapists recommend lavender oil since it has a calming effect on babies. By adding two drops of lavender oil to four ounces of water in a spray mist bottle, you can mist the babies room and allow the lavender to settle and then put the baby down for the night. Always dilute essential oils that you use on or for babies.

Another way is by adding a (meaning one) drop of lavender oil into the baby’s bath. Make sure you dilute it in water first.

As you can see, essential oils can have a great effect on babies. Just be careful when you're handling them and always start with small amounts until you learn the level of sensitivity of your child. Two drops might work for some but your child might only need one drop.

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