That’s not a Good Reason to Quit

That’s not a Good Reason to Quit
The current economy has put a severe damper on the life styles of many workers. High unemployment, and fewer hiring employers have made it necessary to stay longer with your current employer - whether or not you want to. What happens when you don’t like your job? Is there ever a really good reason to quit? Sure, but the following are really bad reasons to quit your job:

You don’t think that you will ever get it. There are times when you can tell within the first couple of weeks whether or not a job is right for you. In fairness to yourself and the organization - just how much of a chance have you given the job after only a couple of months? It takes six months to a year to begin the process of learning a new company and job. Many companies have a probationary period in which either you or management can decide whether or not it’s not a fit. Why not use the time you have? Take the time to learn the organization and the job, it may get easier with time.

You hate one or more of your co-workers. Really? You would let a disagreement or problem with a co-worker affect your financial situation? Office dynamics can change in the blink of an eye. What if that co-worker was on their way out the door? You would have just quit a job for no reason. Look at alternatives to quitting. Talk with your supervisor and ask for a mediator. Is there is a position you can transfer to in order to remove yourself from the toxic situation without quitting the entire company? Office synergy can change rapidly.

The flip side of this situation is that quitting one job is not a guarantee that you will like everybody in another job. The situation could be even worse. Who ever said “the grass is not always greener…” knew what they were talking about.

If you are just having a bad week don’t despair and don’t over dramatize. One bad week should not be the cause to quit a perfectly good job making perfectly good money. It’s just a moment in time, next week will may be better - making this week a brief moment in history. A test of your resolve. Worse case scenario is you learn a whole new skill set in the face of adversity.

You feel the need to “find yourself.” If your financial situation allows you enough wiggle room to find yourself, by all means go for it. If the need to “find yourself” would drastically interfere with feeding your family - perhaps it’s not the right time. Maybe you need to “find yourself” in moderation for the time being. Most importantly do not use :finding yourself” as an excuse to quit a job you hate.

This is not to say there are not valid reasons to quit your job, just be sure you don’t quit for the really bad ones.

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