Mama Reviews -- Thor

Mama Reviews -- Thor
NOTE: I purchased my own ticket to this movie and was no way compensated for this review.

I have to admit a weakness for superheros. I can't help it. I love them all. And I loved Thor. There are a few things I particularly loved about this movie, and that help me to give it a high Mama Reviews rating.

First, Thor is an action movie with actual women in it. And the women are fully clothed. Not only that, but they're smart. Really smart. While there are no women in this one that don't fit the beauty myth like it was made for them, they at least aren't running around in spandex cut to their belly buttons. I really did appreciate that. The female lead had some moments of going all fluttery in the presence of Thor, but at least her clothes didn't fall off and her brain didn't stop functioning.

Second, while there was some violence, it wasn't over the top. I'd call it very appropriate for the PG-13 crowd. There are a few moments that get a little hairy. But most of the violence is not toward people. For instance, a huge metal robot is run through with a sword.

And finally, while there was some minor sexual tension in the film, there were no outright sexual scenes. There was one kiss toward the end. A few hand kisses that were sweet. The main characters were obviously attracted to each other, but they didn't have sex. I went with my 17-year-old son and there were no awkward moments at all. Thor does go shirtless for a few minutes, which was the most sexually charged moment of the whole movie.

I think maybe my favorite thing about Thor was at the end, when the big strong man doesn't do what you expect him to. Just go watch it, you'll see what I mean. We can talk about it in the forums after!

One thing to be aware of is that at one point Thor and another man guzzle gigantic beers and some comedy comes from it. This was a purely comedic moment and didn't move the story forward at all. It could have been left out with no consequence. The language in the film is mild. Thor is rated PG-13. My son, my husband and I were thoroughly entertained through the movie.

Thor starts the movie as a spoiled, arrogant son of the Norse god Odin. He's cast out when his arrogance nearly causes a war, which his father has spent many years avoiding. In the end, he has to learn humility to come home. There is a strong anti-war message to the movie. The main character learns some hard lessons about privilege and selflessness.

Mama's Ratings

These ratings indicate my personal views on how the movie approached a few sensitive subjects. I'm rating this movie from a parent's point of view for teenage audiences (ages 13 and older.)

Portrayal of Women: B+
Violence: B
Sex: B+
Drug and alcohol use: C
Entertainment value: A

Overall: An entertaining film with a few instances of sexual tension, violence and alcohol use that most teenagers should be able to watch without problem.

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