Perfume Application - 7 Spots to Avoid

Perfume Application - 7 Spots to Avoid
Looking for a love potion? In this day and age, you don’t need to cut a bark of tree and chant spells to turn heads. The perfect potion could be sitting on a corner isle in your favorite department store or boutique – perfumes.
Find the scent that matches your personality and mood and you’re ready to go.

However, make sure that you’ll be putting it on the right places or you’ll end up spritzing from time to time because the scent wears off before your day or night has ended. Worse, it is combined with your body oils and perspiration and the smell becomes that of stench instead of sweet.

Yes, even the simple task of applying scents on your body can make or break your day. Learn the Don’ts and it will lead you to the right places.

1. Clothes and Jewelry – This will result to discoloration especially on light-colored fabrics and metals. It can ruin your pearls and silk! Remember that you are the one who should smell good and not your clothes or accessories.

2. Near your eyes – Perfumes could enter your eyes and cause stinging or redness. Additionally, the eye area is thin and delicate and perfume can cause skin dryness.

3. Behind Your Ears – This area is prone to skin secretions that can easily mix with your scent and produce strange smell. Also, the scent won’t last long if applied here. You can dab a little behind your earlobes but not behind your ears.

4. Armpits – Perspiration plus perfume produces an unlikely smell and armpits are quite synonymous with perspiration.

5. Between breasts – This is a common body part where women love to dab a scent. If your skin is sensitive though, expect pimples and other skin problems to occur.

6. Hair – The scent will change once it blends with the natural oils of your hair. Apply only if your hair is freshly washed. Use your hands or mist it. Don’t spray directly on your hair.

7. Where you expect direct sunlight – Perfume may not react favorably with sun rays.

Where Do you apply perfumes then? On your wrist, across the tummy, base of throat, back of your knees, elbow bends and behind your neck are good spots. Spraying it on the air then walking into it is also recommended to keep the scent all over your body. It is best to do this without your clothes on and after bathing.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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